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ODE TO MY FATHER – A wise promise of the father

I long to see this film, but first turned up, I saw bad makeup too, should take inspiration, so is off. Indeed, when the cinema has grown to the extent it is capable of Brad Pitt page at any age from childhood until old age in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then the makeup is quite bad in my Ode father really made me lose sympathy. Until I see the second, when people look at me, which made me willing to see any film, the movie I was not interested anymore. When viewing full of Ode To My Father directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, the film helped me forget the superficial makeup for the main character when he played an old man, to have an overall view on film , and tell me why Ode to my Father had upended the Korean box office in 2014, and became the movie grossed the second largest in South Korea, was behind the film the Admiral of Kim Han- mine.

True nature of a Korean movie entertainment, Ode to my father is a somewhat epic sentimental tears easily removed from the audience, such as solid capital Korean cinema, and was good at heart grips with the audience, not only in Korea but in Asia in general. However, the film has the qualities of a film carrying the flow of Korean history while emphasizing the outstanding events that Korean country experienced in the second half of the 20th century for connecting of people in the big events of the country is significant and continuous with a validity of  the script, so I do not feel defensive about being told  disjointed and lacking logic. Therefore the film goes with the sufficient amount, so that the audience grasp the history of Korea as well as sharing feelings with the protagonist.

The film begins in modern times, the old couple and a male offspring, they are happy for a perfect family. The camcorder focuses on the older man, as the central figure, and then from there, flashback footage starts. The audience  in the 50 years of the Korean War, a family in Hungnam to refugees because of enemy bombs. In the run accident, the girls lost, so the father stayed here, only the mother, and two other brothers can escape. Before leaving, the father has put a burden on the shoulders of the family elder son. He received the brunt of his father, and promised he would defend at all costs their family. The son Duk-soo that (Hwang Jeong-min).

True to the nature of a melodrama, the film is much hype to push higher up the tragedy that these families encounter during the Korean War. So that, in the plaintive tragedies of character to stand up strong and determined to change his fate. Duk-Soo, but kept his promise to his father. He did not change his fate, but do everything to help the mother and the children, change their fate, helping them to have money to live, to finance education. Duk-Soo received damage on his part. He went to work in German exports as coal miners in the pit, he participated in the Vietnam War, to make money to shoulder the whole family on the shoulder.

Tell personal stories to tell about the fate of the country, Ode to my father, just tragic, these simple, itis fastened to the family, revolving around family, as a major factor to speak of nationalism. Love, sheltering and some bad qualities of people, but above all patriotic sentiments in a casual sense protect his family, and close friends. Duk-soo naive, but sincere. He just said to go, just let go, emotional, and always disadvantaged. Vitality and dedication to his persistent support of her elderly mother, the beautiful young wife whom he met by chance in Germany, with close friends died together Dal-gu (Dal-su Oh). It is simply that, helped Yoon Je-kyoon directors are thoroughly exploited humor to create bright colors for a story associated with tragedy. Humor, like specialty of Korean cinema, bringing laughter, but hides the human values ​​of life. The main thing that the film struck a chord with the audience, to the national pride, to the pride of a progressive country, and progress. The wise writer and director Park Soo-jin is no need to mention also making the audience feel the Koreans were really committed as yet to build their country.

Click the main events in the history of the Republic, I was particularly impressed at the back third of the script, while South Korea is a national program to find missing relatives during the war. Scenes look Dak-Soo relatives eager to find his father and his sister really touching and true. It represents the loss of the nation, of the families devastated by war. The film therefore look humane when not slammed any public power, it focuses on the family, family problems, without trying touched on politics. That is what makes the film really comes into his heart.

In short, Ode to my father’s a good film in Korean cinema, in addition to the film deliberately exaggerated facts, to push higher emotions of the viewer, the film achieved two commercial elements and arts, especially, if you are Korean, it’s no surprise that you’ll be proud of their country when watching the film, the proud and thrilled, what a blockbuster history should bring, how Forrest Gumpdid well for his role in American history, American character.

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Deadpool (2016) – The Contrasts Of MARVEL Heroes

When that big screen is filled with superhero movie from Marvel and DC, the film production studio should have the breakthrough in building the character to avoid saturated and boring, as it did in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and at the present time is Deadpool. The theater 1 dare to push out large audience under 17 with a film labeled R is a risky move, but the wisdom of 20th Century Fox. Revenue may be less, but in return, Fox will continue to sustain the chain of X-Men movies – those gene mutations, after the dismal failure of the film in 2015. Four Fanstatic Deadpool is full these factors make it commercially successful, the humor, the charm of the cast, filled with profane language on s-e-xual innuendo, as well as battle scenes full of violence, which MCU hardly.

This is not the first time Deadpool appeared on the big screen, this character was present in X-Men Origins: The Wolverine, but too faint like the film to the audience can remember. Deadpool is a particularly strange character, a hero in comic contrast Marvel. Wear a tight outfit from head to toe in red “to avoid seeing the blood if the injured”, wore two swords behind him, and constantly saying nonsense like a senior who autism. Even the first scene of the film, with slow motion footage, and close-up, all of the fight scenes perspective from the inside out of a car are exposed to the intentions characterized ordering comics, and humor. Deadpool breaks the 4th wall of the screen to connect to the real world and interact directly with the audience is sitting in front of the big screen. A start full of intent from director Tim Miller Rhett Reese and two screenwriters Paul Wernick and to stimulate the excitement of the audience.

Opening the film’s battle scenes of Deadpool, the film uses a lot of flashbacks to tell the story two years ago, about Wade Wilson – a mercenary harsh, but fair and straight. He frequented a bar where three of his friends are doing batender. Here, once he met the love of his life Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin). Immediately they love each other so closely linked the mentally and physically. As if a mad man to find himself a maniac other, perfect fit. Since then, the appearance of stretch brings “a movie Valentine” begins with the passion of love, s-e-x scenes in a row in different occasions of the year. Where, I understand why they love each other so madly. Because both are capable of self-renewal of humor and his love of humor that reflects that.

Everything goes well until Wilson discovers he has cancer and will not live long. Everything from here is easy to guess, he is a special agent to find and recommend a remedy by turning Wilson into a superhero. Wilson was led to Ajax (Ed Skrein) – who make him into Deadpool with special resilience helped him become immortal, but the side effect is skin Wilson’s body was deformed in crisis terrible.

Every so interwoven drama between the present and the past to build the audience completely Portrait of Deadpool character, one who always does not recognize himself as a superhero. “I’m just a bad guy who gets paid to f-k up worse guys” (roughly translated: I’m just a poor guy went stone e * t who were even worse than I was alone). The fair as a mercenary, until becoming Deadpool, X-Men are groups of Professor X invited to join the association, shows Deadpool is not a bad guy. He just wants to live the life of the man himself, to live with the woman he loves and make a normal man. That makes Deadpool stand outside all the standards that those who have supernatural powers often set out to restrain himself.

As said and emphasized many times, the R label, film maximum use profane language to cause funny effects. Especially with close-up camera angles are used a lot, do not hesitate lens is placed where rude on the human body, intended to better effect in causing excitement to the audience. Similarly, to character Deadpool repeatedly breaking the 4th wall, such as the mention of two names Professor X who starred in X-Men and Magneto, or put into the film magazine once voted to Ryan Reynolds is the s-e-xiest man smiles planet, creating interesting special effects. It brings the interaction, jokes innocuous, does not need to bring meaning, which brings excitement easy to forget.

Because so much emphasis on turning into a movie Deadpool bold entertainment and relaxation. Deadpool should become a safety film, with bold trade, which lacks many of the elements that it can be remembered in the hearts of viewers. Simple plot, the villain relatively lackluster performance since land was devoted to Deadpool, the action is not novel and unique. The film, in addition to character Deadpool as a clown who wears a mask, and said rambled everything to oppress the suffering inside, then nothing substantial. So Deadpool character itself is interesting, but the film, too sketchy and lacks impressive.

Deadpool opening for the season’s superhero film in 2016, a year in which the screen will be filled with images of superheroes except kill time violence from both DC and Marvel to. It would be difficult to count on the characteristics of this genre where the number of films released as much as now. However, the Deadpool interesting that brings, will help the public to trust the audience to expect more and more on the upcoming movie. Because after all, despite the saturation of the number, but movies about superheroes never too boring. That has always been the dream of the people, about the special abilities to save the world.