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Reviewing of Tenamyd Canada product’s line

I’ve known this brand is quite a long time, since 2007, at which time she had a roommate or its use lip and she enthralled lipstick that compliment, but I am also very eager to go to work at that new , salaried apprentice with 850K a month how dare dream of lipstick than 200K. That’s just my dream for take it.
Talking a little bit about the company, Tenamyd Canada is a cosmetic drugmaker presence in Saigon from 1950 by a pharmacist named Bui Dinh male founder and executive. Then, I do not see its Web provides more information about the production and business operations after the liberation from the South, but according to its Web site in 1993, the drug’s maker, the market returned to Vietnam Male and manufacture dietary supplements products, nutritional food.
By 1998, a time when the Korean culture introduced heavily in the spiritual life of the people of Vietnam and style makeup and cosmetics lines Korea began appearing on the market in our country, the Canadian drugmaker Tenamyd combined with a cosmetics manufacturing company in Korea called Cosmax and released a number of cosmetic makeup products, skin care brand Tenamyd Canada.
According to the introduction of the web Tenamyd Cosmax is a company specializing in the production of cosmetics OEM in Korea. Here must be stated, adding that the production of cosmetics OEM brand is the cosmetics order companies – tentatively called literally plant the product experts sir, manufacturing of products at the request of the formula, packaging for the brand. In Korea there are thousands of cosmetics brand, but definitely only very few brands that have production plants with modern production lines meet the standards, but most of them went to order cosmetics OEM’s the company has specialized in manufacturing plants, and the packaging and brand me in, advertising and business according to their methods.
Speaking through a bit of history you do so in order not to be misunderstood as cosmetic pharmaceutical company come from Canada then, is the cosmetics of Vietnam and ordered a company in Korea producing sir (his the first to buy the product in the company’s Canadian thinks it is new or rather).
As well as reviews on different brands, I will evaluate the previous reviews:
* Advantage:
– A genuine product distributor in Vietnam so the price is clearly marked, with showroom sales and consulting, with the trial.
– When shopping at discounted Showroom 10% over list price.
– Costs are relatively consistent, with multiple product lines to choose from.
* Disadvantages:
– Still pretty diverse skincare items but the makeup products are not rich, the color tone less.
– According to a subjective assessment of quality makeup products are not really commensurate with the price.

The following is a detailed assessment of some products that I have used in order to buy time and used offline:

1. Fresh lip balm color White Sand color # 4:

This is the first children’s cosmetics Tenamyd I bought, in early 2008, they must, then to accumulate several hundred thousand, and the residue was determined to pick up the lipstick you dreamed. Complementary to this is that prices lipstick than 200K, now appears to be over 300K, then they must.
But such short-Tay fun gang, looking at her and hit the pink purple room so beautiful that when I buy that color (color name is Sheer Buble Gum), it can spring up beautiful, purple lips look short break . Pungent smell and the moderate level of support, nothing too special not to mention not offer up beautiful colors.
Ultimately she gave back a half months after the agency owner.

            2. LIQUID FOUNDATION SPF15 Cream Illuminating background:

This foundation is the same line with me Fresh white Sand # 1 son did review other things, advertised is for oily skin with oil control function, make the skin dry.
I bought you this foundation in early 2009, there must, I used this foundation to chalk Stream Menard line is itself the oil alkaline chalk Menard then so I do not know the function of the oil control this child. But this foundation cream jars I’ve used up, then hit every day with this foundation not to use chalk, looked pretty smooth surface. Used to finish almost 1 year and found relatively benign with skin.
Honestly is why I use these this kind of a long time, so it does not remember the scent or texture RV How to details for you, but in general I judge you fairly good foundation (size 7 /10 points).
The purchase price range 250-300K in 2009 must now make it more expensive. Skin color is beautiful, natural and bright face, I bought the color number # 2.

3. Lip Tenamyd line (the most advanced in the makeup):

Looking form the bottle lip to look pretty is not it chảnh

         Em son was named Midnight Rose is quite beautiful line of makeup “atoll” something, the products in this line are black shell, quite luxurious.
Lipstick I bought the orange, pink lipstick colors look great on, hit up lip color standard without lip liner.

 Color streaks looked pretty standard lipstick wiped off hand than the trunk lip

Son substances much flour, beaten quite thick lips lip look, if it’s good, it was balm for temporary and not the horror dry lips. Scented lip also a little bit excessive concentrations.
Add Another disadvantage is rapidly flying lip color, lip brush up not eating anything, 3h after lipstick has faded already, the remaining finished eating soy-intensive environment.
With 500K price range listed, I think this kind of lipstick quality does not match the price.
The outcome is: about 20% is used to throw more than 1 year rolling then, the other day and pulled out a photo shoot for Blog only.

4. Lip balm super in makeup collection Crystals:

Heard crying and found the name, is the island of rubies, super balm, Crystal Vases lip balm … I bought this after I bought the other months son Midnight Rose, 5g round jar, the smell of cocoa.
Strawberry pink lipstick looks but hit no more, during what color, smell very fragrant cocoa. Apply to lips look greasy, but not too greasy, but also long after the new leach into the environment.

       Before buying lipstick Innisfree M em, I still use this lip balm, then there are also almost at the bottom of the bottle a little less alone.
Objectively speaking, this balm I was not so brilliant, but not bad, I assess fairly average, but if compared with green tea lip balm of Innisfree is not equal in terms of maintenance. Is the pleasant fragrance.
I bought after the price discount is 196K, nor too cheap for a lip balm 5g box.

5. BB Cream Makeup 6 in 1:

     Children 6 in 1 BB My Here ‘
I bought this BB cream at the same time you lip balm, Tenamyd that day out of the showroom to buy her ice cream sales background but the introduction of this kind, then I’m bored I do my BB cream red ginseng crazy acne should also Slovak children are excited about using try.
The purchase price back then was more than 300K, 30ml vials and only one color must.
This BB hit up the average is also covered, with color and skin temporarily, but very low oil alkalinity, after only 2-3 hours was slightly uncomfortable sensation. Generally it does not make me happy, there is reasonable cause as much as BB Red Ginseng acne only.
In terms of beauty, it is definitely not edible BB or BB Andvanced of Nature Republic of Skinfood Grape and platinum.
More than 300K for a 30ml vial BB without first considering the Korean firm’s midrange is also not cheap.
Outcome: This em disposed after use by about 30%.

6. peach blush:

I bought this powder boxes Christmas last year, there are waves of Tenamyd Sale, where a 30% reduction or star standard, nor long remember.
I blush BB cream is the same line with 6in1, and white plastic shell, gold letters. Overall quality is also quite smooth chalk, but the color is not bright pharmaceutical, household good grip. Chalk up clinging skin type, gently pleasant smell.
I have both brushes and mirrors, handy and suitable makeup gently or to work. But somehow my face is colored dark blush is still in the dark, so I had liquidated her with all the BB cream.
The purchase price was then promoted longer than 200K where they must.

7. Moisturizer for Acne:

Kids line of acne treatment cream, packaging products, this line of dark blue.
The kit includes 3 bottles is Toner, EMUL and cream jars, but back then I was using green tea acne Toner of Nature Republic and should only buy jars Cream only.
Seeing the active ingredient is acid remaining Salysilic other ingredients I can not remember being so long ago discarded boxes.
Cream quite thick, pure white, but applied to the skin permeability is relatively fast, dry and non-greasy moisturizing. That’s why I think this cream cartridge like oily skin, acne in the summer, winters are afraid of not enough moisture.

Generally, the time to treatment function of the cream or EMUL I really do not believe anymore, but I think a simple cream or EMUL only softens the skin, moisturizing it.
And functional cure skin problems to win for Serum and cure products.
And this cream jar is no exception, I do not see any effects from treatment her acne at all, she’s only round I used to do layer of moisturizer before applying makeup products only.
To 60g jars, heavy glass bottle and beautiful, color avarice. Price is 369K after being discounted.
I use this child been around for over 2 months, and about 70% is for mama used under a layer of makeup.

       **** The general conclusion: Once bought and used some of its products cosmeceuticals Tenamyd I think the average price of the product, this is the average. Not too bad but nothing outstanding, without the products of many Korean brands are imported into Vietnam by the way my laptop is probably still choose Tenamyd as easy to buy, price clearly listed certainly not afraid of them, she kindly showroom.
But the fact that there is so much more to selling cosmetics shop online and not online with various cosmetic items, cheaper than buying in the showroom and the same amount of money, there are many choices preferably selected products Tenamyd I was not thinking about this every drugmaker cosmetic beauty items while shopping anymore.
However with the sisters not understand much about slithering cosmetics market, want to purchase genuine and advice, is to try the product, I think Tenamyd also a name worthy of our attention.

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