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The Face Shop – the popular brand of Korea

Tell now have a new place to review an article for The Face Shop is true that I am a bit behind schedule, because of the Korean cosmetics brand presence in the market is Vietnam, The Face Shop is a brand to be very product known many women, even those less interested in her products to cosmetics.
Can find products of The Face Shop (TFS) sold rampant in the big and small stalls, selling online or not online, specialized or not specialized in selling cosmetics cosmetics. Whatever is on sale Korean cosmetic products have a number of TFS.
Talking about the company’s products is extremely varied, from the eyes to the nose, limbs, skin, hair will have both (hic hic …). But the number of products that I purchased TFS not much (if not very low compared to other Korean brands), general rules as well as the kind of “no-confidence once thousand times no news” reviews. I said that did not mean that TFS “no confidence” what with her, but because I have no affinity with that label should “gratitude sometimes that’s all we have.” For the price, it is in range from low to moderate, generally the more affordable levels, from students – students to officers and employees can commute easily purchase several products.
The company’s products also received a lot of feedback from customers relatively good, there are many forums and review Beauty Blogger praise of TFS products.
Some product I’m about to mention here TFS I buy and use – and not use a long time, so I do not remember the details to make the Technical Review as always, but only a brief assessment, and brief overview most of the product only, you sympathized offline.
1. Power Perfection BB Cream Face line it:

This BB Cream is the best selling products and many women are also the most popular products in the products of TFS, the showroom, the price of this product is in heaven right, if anyone does not know every notebook is priced much, in 50g jars Showroom purchased at the cost over 800k sure think this brand is losing high-end class. This cream has two sizes, 20g and 50g, I bought a small bottle (do not remember exactly 20g or 25g), will only see the nice little tube and nozzle is like then.
Buy products that since mid-2012 or so reviews, in view ads featured on many fashion magazines love too. Color I bought is the # 2, the new type of modern dark skin but later.
Liquid cream, easily spread by hand, complete new reviews moist sticky moisture, so if the government did not chalk it very easy to catch dust.
Coverage from medium to high, if sniffing thick or add one layer of the canopy covering defects cherry are as dark circles, acne big bruise. Generally satisfied with the coverage.
Oil is less alkaline, type 2h surface finish such as pan-law, greasy mucus.
Fastness: I see, though less alkalinity but sticking colored oil well, I remember a time when this outing product reviews Lang Son, go from 5am rated quite thick, all-day outing without something more topical, nor government efforts to reach 3-4h and yet still relatively OK dimensional surface, in the process can only use oil absorbent paper.
KL: In addition to the individual, the less oil alkaline product reviews pretty much true face, beautiful skin that everyone compliments. But the product was continuously used about 1 month, I was pretty much acne, make components by many silicone products for skin and smooth berry surface should cause acne. Also from my services were more acne when using this product should suddenly BB aversion to economic TFS to be, on any product of TFS is never even think about buying it.
If your skin does not experience irritation, acne is not to think about taking this product offline. I had walked away after a period of use, about ½ tube.
2. Background Cream Face line Collagenic it:

This foundation before I buy another ship BB, to oạch plastic jar with lid as rosebud. My color is # 23, color up pretty nice and bright surface.
Liquid cream, melt flow is applied to the hands, while spreading be quick otherwise the cream will dry faster.
Good coverage, but if they agree with many vulnerable cakey layer, mold surface. This cream under my skin with oil, because oil mixture quite dry and style classes Matte Finish like a statue. Mark on your face style is also beautiful stretch, but not as creams Korean background, I used to be about 2 months are not used anymore because or moldy items arising this product, because I’m not used correctly.
Alkalinity less oil, equivalent to only Power Perfection BB was above review, fastness is not fair and not by the true face. Mark finished looks a bit fake, I do not like the type of object.
Price: 280K or so in which to buy and to be huge bottle (50g).
KL: liquidation after almost 2 months of use
3. Dark colored pencil eyebrows Brow:

After a long time do not use eyeliner pencil and water by themselves are feeling mile after mile in those eyes, this session saw one eyebrow to eyebrow level and dense that I could no idea who you, because my eyebrows actually have quite a bold nature, so I see no need to fill and more.
Em This dark brown pencil, pen plastic rod screwed up lead, the first two guys started a twist to a brush head is polished and brushed eyebrows for more natural contours. Because that is designed to be the first who lead eyebrows slanted slightly flattened shape, so relative horizontal eyeliner to outline the big, fit man without eyebrows repeatedly bowl.
Hard lead 2-3 and have outlined new lines darker, so I think that is appropriate for those who just need a little eyebrows only slightly darker than that of lead that would look very bad and naturally lost. I use this all the time the eyeliner pen, simply fill in the eyes is slightly lighter look a little more emphasis had before, because actually my little eye makeup should also not picky lot.
The price is cheap, I buy 80K that you see the entire month is just worn away with little, if used continuously make new well to reach 8-9 months before.
Conclusion: I enjoyed this product and find the product that is easy to use, useful and cheap price, stable quality.
4. Smooth Silk Hair Removal Cream Hair Removal Cream:
This hair removal cream buyer must also be 3-4 months before but I used exactly once, because suddenly thought of leg hair removal cream just shy shy by what type of reviews, the entire razor only.
Korean letters full of this brother, saw record per line in the tube is English Using Everyday (everyday, huh). After using hair removal creams 2, I see basically are made form soft hairs and acne, a moment later, a user cream cotton towel wipe lightly coat is gone.

Shooting my leg skin before waxing, skin pores a little hard, then apply thick can almost completely cleansed.

This is the result after 10 minutes cream and so close, wipe off with a towel

Advantages it seems more pleasant to the skin using high ranges, but basically it’s just breaking body of hairs, hair still grows back then normal, and I do not know in this cream containing hair growth inhibitors are not well bear.
Squeeze tube packaging format, without any English word in the manual, so I was used as a way to use hair removal cream: it is applied to the skin a layer of celery, for about 10 minutes and then grab a towel to wipe off the cream away, feathers after being softened by the chemical will be flying out with the cream on the skin surface.
This cream for hands with hairy arms efficiency of about> 90%, and as hard as the leg hair is about> 80% if the insurgency, also rubbed hands are thin, only about 50% only. But that was quite enough.
Pungent smell and still smells like medicine refers straightener (by specific make liquid detergent formulations it should be) m so that TFS has to add fragrance to cover up the smell of other hackers, generally also some unpleasant, smell long I feel slightly headache (added as good I have a headache because of the smell).
The cream is quite moist, after waxing skin from dryness.
Price: 120K for a 50ml cartridge, also quite soft.
Conclusion: do not use more hair elimination, I only use 2 types of this product, but find the quality is also pretty, reviews 7/10 points.

5. CC Cream color Aura # 2:

This cream is TFS timely launch CC Cream mainstream use in Vietnam climax, and while a variety of carriers scrambling to launch CC cream, then it seems this Aura line of TFS won CC offers How large and Vietnam she trusted products.
In the CC of TFS products, I know there are 3 types: CC Aura, Aqua CC and CC Capsule. In this category, I have 3 uses 2 types, but other types of Capsule using less and less seen her products used should also not want to write another review. Aura CC line is that I get to pretty much Sample, also have nearly ten packets should have the opportunity to try many times over.
Color is the color I bought the # 2, beat up a little skin at the whiter jot, then darkened and make skin feel more natural part.
New cream liquid poured out of his hands (like Chanel Perfection), but when applied to the skin is very thick, feel like adding a layer mask covering it. Was so vulnerable even cakey and hitting the mark, so to me that this product had nothing CC cream is “naturally thin” as the company remains implicit definition of CC.
Oil well test poorly, hitting 2h complete range is conditioned sat face was shiny, dark background layer and looks significantly more than sham. The last time I used this product to go out after a period of using unconnected Tinted Mois, unable to withstand the mask covering up, just hit hurried away finished bleaching cleanser.
The first day finished using this product, wash your face shows up on tiny pimples near the canard cheeks, I knew right away because he found the cover too so certainly evil pumpkin skin, ingredients, there are many possible type dimethicone, glycol Butylene and some substance in the “list”, but most are still kind Dimethicone (a surface coating with smooth skin effect and more humid – silicone derivatives).

Price: I found this product quite expensive price if bought boxes full light, with 20g products that 450K, on par with the more expensive high-end line of another foundation, and feel unreasonably expensive. However, many choose to buy her product sample packs of this type used, the range 1ml 12K package must be used 4 times also apply, calculate it much cheaper than buying the box.
KL: In summary I found this product CC reputation but does not differ from the type of BB cream has high coverage that was used: cream, cover, the sun … all the same BB cream, then no understand the new features of the product was that ??? I use 2 packages incomplete sample, bring the remaining seats and smooth legs any day or dress socks with socks afraid spray.
Because of TFS products that I’ve used less than or Nature Republic Skinfood so I can not review more, but generally I do not appreciate TFS, I think it is a popular brand Korea should also average quality, are the advantages of various products, rapid updates and price movements in the form of money and affordable customer accessible. There are your company’s product mix, the merit of the background as a makeup line Power Perfection BB, chalk Oil Cut … but generally outside the eyebrow pencil out the few products I have used the company were liquidated by dislike or improper skin.

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