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Bare Escentuals Started Kit – Selection for the newbie

I’ve already bought and used Found powder color line of BE Matte Fair – the most brightly colored pink tones before you buy this kit, however, because I like little palm trees so that BE is expensive retail trade (average about $ 22-25 a tree), after a while to find out, and I heard this very reasonable Kit, so I decided to purchase and receipt of goods, not disappointed at all.

Today I share with you about this kit, if you do not want to try using BE and its products, I think this is a suitable kit. 2 Found powder box in this Kit Original line – the line for normal win and a little mild glow, where do you like to make up healthy shine like stars South reviews.
As far as the shop or introduce friends say Original line reserved for normal / dry skin and Matte won mixture / oil but on the BE website, it is not any information about it at all. Which it is only an introduction to the skin effect of the two lines and origina Matte.
Personally, after using both lines, we do not see anything different in oil and alkalinity should not distinguish these two lines to win for normal or oily skin, this is not true. Since a few years ago when it launched a line BE is not the default Matte Powder Found Its Original line only, the latter due to some reflection about being allergic to bismuth mineralization – the glow powder to create skin, bE has produced more Matte line is the line no bismuth.
My skin irritation liable or cosmetics, but using both lines BE ‘will be impartial (previously used so that the irritation Buff’d crazy).
Even after testing I found clinging Original color and better coverage Matte, however different in my opinion is the Finish layer.
Original Finish class had better cover, the little light glow with iridescent who like healthy skin like Korean stars. And do you prefer the natural, makeup, choose Matte packets. I remind you that after taking the 2 lines are completely uncontrolled Matte Original oil than a finish.
Snapshot comparison I used 2 Found line of BE is Original (left) and Matte (right)

Currently I use color Found Fairly Ligh box and concealer brush in this Kit, and today is just an overview of Kit, while the evaluation and detailed Review of BE products I’ll write detail in a future article.

1. Packaging:
Kit comes in a cardboard box is quite nice and firm, black cans. Also somewhat wrapper introduction Kit (Kit products in composition, color …).



2. The items included in the Kit:
This kit consists of 9 product, with the only fully Kit also for you to get a perfect substrate.
The items are as follows:
* Two boxes Found medium sized powder (containing 2 grams of powder) won Original line for normal / dry skin. Kit Do I buy Fair is lightest color to the Fair include 2 color (pink cardboard lightest color) and Fairly light (a bit darker Fair).
Two sturdy plastic box, with swivel to the feeder and closed does not make pollen spilled off the cap. In general design of the powder boxes BE sure, simple and handy.
* A box of chalk powder coated Mineral Veil, for coated onto a substrate help Setting and make more durable substrate.
Powder boxes coated with the same size 2g Found box.
* NOT chalk box volume Bronzer 1.5g powder, used to make block or cover the skin if you prefer tanned skin (which seems reasonable for Europeans and Americans than we do).
* 3 natural goat hair brush 100% (this is my favorite dish, because if the retail purchase inexpensive standard 3 plants).
– Brush the loudest – Full Flawless Face Brush – This tree prices are $ 28, this palm was introduced as the carrier for the perfect substrate, coverage is very high. Brush large, thick fur and handles solid, professional look, made entirely from goat hair. Just hand rolled, not too long, for convenience in carrying bags when needed.
When I saw the fur brush used unlike previous artificial fur brush was used (as E.L.F, Real Techniques, Coastal Cents). Artificial fur can palm softer, smaller hairs but impossible to substrates such as palm smooth and fur, although I am very poor in makeup skills. Use the palm of fur without being a defensive phenomenon chalk or hiss.

– Brush Flawless Application second brush Face Brush – This brush price of $ 22, less than palm palm Full Flawless, suitable for makeup with soft substrate, coverage from mild to moderate. Short and definitely rolling, thick fur, beautiful and of course also made from natural goat hair.
– Brush Maximum Coverage third brush Concealer Brush is priced at $ 20, this brush for powder concealer with very high coverage, for narrow areas such as the eye sockets, nose edges, corners of the mouth … At look, it looks like brush bristles artificial fur, I do not know for sure this brush made from artificial fur or fur. Because have not used up to after they evaluate each tree used in more detail.

So with three palm trees were priced: $ 28 + $ 22 + $ 20 = $ 70 then, not to mention other things. So enough of this show is to buy bargain How’s Kit.
* Next is a palm Fullsize 120ml tube wash water used to wash the beloved palm products.
* Last item is a makeup tutorial CD with this Kit and Make up by MMU, add a simple guidebook again.
3. Price: The price on the company’s website is $ 60 (if purchased from retailers each in the total value of the Kit is $ 174 offline).
In line after line … “boast” a moment of enthusiasm Started Kit (also excited by the attention), I would like to end his short this article. At yesterday when I try all the products Kit, I will review in detail later.

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