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Feeling of the first using “Everyday Minerals”

Everyday Minerals was introduced to Vietnam together with BE from the early years of the movement MMU, circa 2007-2008, but then for various reasons, but in the community love in Vietnam EM MMU no place like the original , and now also using MMU, the EM is not a name that consumers think of first.

Speaking briefly about the company, then this is a mineral cosmetic brands originating from the United States, was founded in 2006 by Carina Menzies, a girl who has worked with many well-known cosmetic brands. Regular primary research from reading the ingredients in cosmetics, and from their particular job, so she understands that the traditional cosmetics company never bring the products with pure ingredients. Therefore she had to research and create a kind of mineral products with benign components, simple and suitable for all women.

The brand’s products are produced manually in Austin – USA, using materials environmentally friendly. Business motto of this brand is bringing the benign natural products, innovative and cheaply, so to minimize the cost to packaging, to promote the product showroom, they carried current online sales and word of mouth advertising forms.

So in terms of the “epic” of the brand, it can not be compared with EM Bare Escentuals with over 40 years in the production of mineral cosmetics. However EM has won the hearts of the customers by the gentle, friendly, by simple components, benign and is important in the US, the price of goods EM pretty cheap (but in Vietnam it is another story).

EM known her a long time but no test conditions for real fun is yet to see anyone selling. Until recently when the mania MMU back and pitch up, I have tried to see if what was about to sell cosmetics line, and that is to discover where the seller to get something fundamental about the trial.

Today I have a few words to introduce and evaluate the products I used, to provide a bit of information to the community love to add a brand MMU has more options.
EM products that I have used are: Foundation, powder, blush and powder brush Baby Flattop.

1. Foundation powder (EM Base call them) Matte line:

EM currently has 3 lines were Matte Powder Found (recommended for oily skin, cover quite), Semi – Matte (overlay equivalent Matte Matte but little more glow) and Jojoba line. Field I trial is the Matte (shop in Vietnam only a few colored lines Semi-Matte and Matte).

– Pollen: pollen of non-small EM BE smooth as that of porous sponge moist look slightly moist, not well organized as Joppa capital. Found by EM powder is not mixed colored particles which are particles such as copper Joppa color.

– Colour: Found EM palette is quite diverse for skin tones from Coll (pink) to warm (yellow) and neutral (neutral). Colors as diverse and easy to use with Asian skin (not so difficult to choose the color and as Joppa Mix).
Found the same name but with different colored lines, hit the color will vary in brightness. Found 2 colors I trial of EM is Fair – the brightest color in the table and have some pink tones; Ivory color – light but also won the darker skin tone Fair and favor a more neutral.

Fair is slightly brighter color my skin for about half tones, new reviews were quite white but later down the moderate tone, bright face. Ivory color is completely modern new reviews, then down again slightly bi dark tones.

I found the color Ivory
– Coverage: coverage can be adjusted from mild to moderate, and high. However the downside of hitting EM thick laminated to high coverage is prone bệt chalk, not careful will the streak.

Mark 2-3 classes can do all color, covered by bruises and small acne breakouts is not to be covered.

– Class Finish: as far as I can judge, it shows the class of EM Finish BE nearly identical to original lines, but not covered by Original high but touches on moist skin moist powder layer, hit will be sunk sunk thick type as BE Original line.

The evaluation should also assess Found EM gently in thin layers will not streak pollen, partial nose thin but carefully not to hit the sweat off the region looks very bad.

– The control of oil: less BE Matte line a bit. My skin is done about 1-2 hours beat down pretty oily skin (before the powder did not use moisturizer Primer or anything because I’m ointment). So therefore if the oil skin, use one EM’ll chalk flew fast and degraded by oil secreted more concrete.
– Reliability color: Matte line equivalents and less BE BE Original line, of course, poor color fastness and Joppa. Oil and combination skin as I hit from 7am to 12pm, then look on the face of the region are no longer like the original color, oil secretion place many will be darker than the other regions.

– Composition: The biggest advantage of EM is simple components, even less substance than BE and certainly no bismuth. I read some of Review in the country and abroad, many people say that EM is one of the ingredients label MMU most benign, almost very few people are allergic to EM.

Matte color components Fair Foundation following lines: Mica. May Contain (+/-): Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).

If visual components on the main component of chalk found that Mica – who hits up seminar was asked if he saw a little; Titanium oxide plus additional oxide and iron to create color. Components can find really very simple, not so that you have each review with the same routine when using EM skinacre improved skin than using other MMU (???)

This must be a new term used to know, I would just use the Games as well as a dozen times and found reviews BE matte, not irritation, bleaching away last days nor more beautiful skin without deteriorating.

– Price: according to the agency web-EM price of cheap goods, equivalent to Joppa. But it seems no big or round Joppa Sale or BE. If purchased Joppa and BE in Vietnam, the price is cheaper than the price calculated’s website for USD / VND. However it was embraced by the shop selling goods on sale progressively phase should new buyers have such good prices. Are the advantages of the MMU is no time limit to use the shop should do so also good for us, is to buy cheap products.

Back for You in Vietnam. Currently I know only 1 shops in Vietnam selling EM Minlystore.com, as your referral Linh Linh shop owner, you are the official distributor of EM in Vietnam, so diversified products, sample packs have sold to trial.

However due to genuine imports subject to import tax rates are quite high compared to the web price. Found a box fullsize EM 418K price is 4.8g, so also equivalent BE rather expensive but not cheap. Blush, more than 300K a box, and sample pack a pack trial is 18K.

* Conclusion: EM Found with little skin defects, often to dry skin; prefer natural light, with various colors easy to choose a color. The average price is not too expensive but not cheap. Simple ingredients, benign.

2. Blush powder:

Blush of color I have a few, full pink cardboard only. Looking at the photo, the colors are much different rolls, looking beyond distinguishes carefully. But look at the box pale color, but hit up the skin so soft blush, looks very natural and easy to use.
About pollen and grip, and I heard the same Found blush of EM, adhesion Blush Blush equivalent of Joppa, and of course a lot better Silk Naturals. Silk Naturals hit my cheek finished 30 minutes saw clean and wanted to fly.
Now I am very satisfied of EM Blush.

3. Brush mini Flattop:

In addition, the palm of the EM Blush also loved very much (photo on the web company)
In addition to the mineral make-up products are also known as EM-loved palm. EM palm made of artificial fur, bamboo staff looks seems to be environmentally friendly.

In term of brush pen, I think that the price is also less expensive rolls of BE fur brush but not equal quality. My first trial of EM baby palm trees Flattop saw nothing too impressive. Not very thick fur, pollen stiff and blend well so so. Generally there are not many reasons to invest in my company’s palm, with such quality is also OK Ecotols buy much cheaper prices.

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