[ Foundation review ] Diorskin Nude Rose powder

Today I would like to post a short Review for the product line in the powders of Dior’s famous Nude Skin.

My box is the Tester but it’s the same size but kind of Dior Poudre Libre (which I’ve RV in Dior), the 10 g mass, while the box is 8 g-demonstrates this type of lighter fluid. Just as Dior line Poudre Libre then chalk this Naked Skin is also quite little shop enter the box Full of sale, I found most of the cosmetic hand primarily enter the chalk line compression Skin naked and Dior Snow white chalk powder, this form is mainly sold box tester.

-Packaging: I bought the box tester should not talk about the packaging. But then look at the picture of the box of chalk on the web looks quite lovely.

-Pollen (7/10): pollen grains are soft and porous, feeling very light pollen, if somewhat slow flies brush a little.

-Colors (8/10): I see on the web of Dior, I only have a single color was numbered 001-pink color. Look at the pretty pink pastel boxes in all this, but I love hitting up the skin doesn’t matter what color, just do the face slightly red and brighter, because it has more chalk outcrops. Smooth emulsion, never reveal or discomfort. Longer service have caught the morning or not, I’m not yet verified.

-Finish Class (8/10): thin, light, natural finishing sides also bit pinky. Match the background layer quite bright white chalk up this beauty will shine then.

-Alkalinity (6/10): well just adds to the open class for the foundation are dry a bit, in General, this function is not exactly chalk alkaline oils which is probably doing more bright.

-Colour durability (5/10): not impressive, generally after 2 h of beautiful pastel class flew away quite a lot.

-Money (4/10): horrible is on sephora.fr the price of this baby is 43.50 Euro-too too harsh for a makeup product also nothing is truly exceptional. It is true that many when expensive branded a ridiculous way-with the look of people who have no money to buy items such as me hehe …

Conclusion: in General, it is a kind of chalk well of color, brand, light skin and hand speed. However poor oil, alkaline color down quite fast (not produced for the user in the hot, humid climate, affordable environment) so your skin dry skin, and any mixture then can still be used, not recommended for oily skin because the color down very fast. And one more important thing is the price is too high, yet with the quality of the product.

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