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Origins Vitazing SPF15 ( Colour Moisturizer)

As far as  you know I am on the path of reign make-up to give the skin a rest re-bounded after a fairly long time cursed by background ice cream, BB cream, chalk makeup. However, the right is pretty familiar right, now look at the rustic side looked confident banter, so finding a type of sunscreen or skin cream color is his target destination.
As I’ve shared in the article about sunscreen Gold Kiwi of Skinfood then I’m liking this moisturizer products are 100% Pure color, but still stress because it is folded into line Drugstore should have slightly bit don’t trust. Then up sales of this product to a Meoheo cream in color of the Origins back are being discounted, I like socks are yellow. It’s Origins that, of course, is the product of the Origins is a lot my sister love this product map Organic favorite and the favorite, it is also a fairly high-end skincare products in the line, “organic”, I have yet to have one of the products of the Origins, the world is predestined and has Vitazing to this product , after 3 days of order, the other day was met with this product.

But use 3 minutes but I believe I’ve had enough sense of it to share with my sisters, here are his details: reviews

1. Packaging: this product I buy is 50 ml squeeze toothpaste tubes, no initial spray, cream paste is not seen stamps became the style but the ice cream was sớt out mouth wrenches should be somewhat reassuring. Look at the plastic box Shell white, red background looks pretty simple, pretty bad rolls the ball. General map skin I don’t care to what packaging, but only favorite have nozzles for easier.

2. cream the cream: Essence quite loose, white seed coating is grey (I guess the color particles to break peace with accents when the cream color of the product), see very similar substances of cream CC cream smart capsule The face shop where I used the package sample. Liquid cream substance, very thin canopy onto the skin as easily obliterate normal moisturizing cream. Feeling pretty cream nhớp canopy hand drafts, not gently as topical cream.

3. Color: it only has one color each, first in white squeeze out toothpaste tubes after the thumbs on the skin into golden yellow, slightly celestial tones of Orange and quite dark skin. I have regrets and wish this cream color but substance it is white light is not good, this color makes the skin of my face up go to the 2 tone.

4. Layer of Finish: as I said in the cream, illuminate the skin quite nhớp draft, sticky and also to the following new 15ph dries. When dried out, the ice cream layers no longer causes the feeling of the ball nhẫy like at first but not infuse the skin cream was absolutely as usual Moisturiser.

5. Speed: must acknowledge is that it makes the skin soft, moist and very sticky … hic hic. So if between winter dry then can use these rather than the sunny September day đc then true is look the ball nhẫy. Of course it is moisturizing creams so don’t ask me about alkaline oils, moisturizing cream is moisturizing. Hi hi not BB or CC.

6. The effects for the skin: the skin I’m finishing balm about 15ph pour out no longer glossy like at first again, also covered are a few pores, making skin more color and are of course more black. .. hu hu. But one thing I like in it is that it does not make my skin irritation and the evening I saw the skin really good signs, looks rosy skin healthier.

7. Money: it reviews on the web is $ 35, price of meoheo is normally more than 800 k is also pretty chat, Sir (this meoheo is 579K so I also purchased some Sale products).

8. composition: the new component at the reading on the case it indeed I slightly shock a little bit, because this is my first Origins products used that saw the sisters this product love map, but its popular benign component hits me right back is demithecon and is much Glycol, Butylen derivatives of other silicon??? !!! ??? Only those products “poison” contained in this Vitazing in level 3, so things that are trivial in comparison to me. It is important not to skin irritation (hihi new 3 minutes Sir, does not know 5-7 more minutes so why not dare to assert).

Conclusion: it’s a good moisturizing (or called makes polished nhẫy and see the sticky greasy good), generally this product if I would live in temperate climates, and are dry, then use it (certainly not in Vietnam then hehe) or not, the skin is extremely dry, less defects and do not want to use cosmetics make up the research to this product. Ah that d ‘ état d ‘ état to skin tone color again, it must be said is near Brown rather than wrong.

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