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[ Sunscreen Review ] Key Solar SPF 30+

Do you regularly use sunscreen in the winter or not? I must confess to you that I am very very lazy sunscreen, there are many reasons for my lazy:
– First, my work mostly sitting in the room (of course, I still know that despite sitting in the room, the light from fluorescent lamps, the radiation from a computer screen … still can penetrate into the skin and harmful to the skin). The work is mainly in the room then, time to ride from home to the office … and takes about 5 minutes and carefully disguised by masks, helmets and glasses started shooting.
– The second is that I have yet to find any kind of sunscreen really like that. Tried Neutrogena, and several sample Sunplay then Skinfood Innisfree but all cause skin irritation or are rough or I have problems when applying.
– Tuesday, then follow him, if not regularly have to work in the sun, it also should not be applied plaster do more chemicals. People born from nature and thus life as close to nature as possible, not too bad during the day to ru ru in dark, afraid of the sun; Dynamic is little hat box. In my opinion only sunbathe much or often have to work in the sun, the new fear rather than a few minutes a day out in the sun, it’s okay.
So therefore never sunscreen products is a must haves during his skin, so they can be sure that the skin specialist unscientific, etc … etc is wrong but the shelves, I still apply IZ lazy.
Then came when I decided to apply tretinoin to treat acne is different, this time using sunscreen – even the winter is also required. And sunscreen good right again, the skin is peeling and new skin layers are formed on top cosmetics applied to the really benign, safe and gentle. In the prescription of topical tretinoin attached also required to avoid cosmetics containing alcohol, perfume and skin with abrasive properties, which meant I had to stop all types of serums, creams are used during tretinoin therapy and only dared to apply sunscreen (someday find it a bit more dry skin too oily).
And after studying the Block mode, read some blogs and especially research articles on sunscreen in your blog, I have found Trangmiu sunscreen Key Solar meet the following requirements:
– Composition benign, non-alcoholic, non-fragrance
– Yes moisture
– There is a slight coverage
Key Solar are produced by Keys-soap, if compared with Clarins, the Avene or Neutrogena sunscreen products is not as famous Keys, however, the sunscreen also received votes for the cream sun safety in foreign web or shops selling imported organic.
Following the detailed assessment of me after about 1 month of using the product:
1. Packaging: Bottle of sunscreen looks pretty big, no plastic stickers only paper box outside; product weight is 100g. Spray bottle that’s easy to take the product, but if you push too hard, they may be more creamy than necessary.
On the packaging should contain enough information about the manufacturer, product lot number on the composition, usage, advantages …

2. Quality cream: cream specialties – is quite special to say, pure white. This is not surprising since this product contains ingredients are zinc oxide 20.5% so characteristic white color must.
Although specific cream, but soft, moist and easy to spread, not be difficult to spread as much you fear. 5 points I put cream on your face and rub gently for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then completely dissolved in the skin cream.

3. Color: tan cream on the skin when it initially (first 1 minute after application) look whiter skin seems a bit half-tone, but then completely modern on the skin and no color at all. I was a little surprised because somehow ingredient Zinc oxide is mainly that this cream is not white streaks.

4. Finish Grade: as packaging products mentioned when applying finishing products with berry skin look a bit more, with coverage from very mild to mild. Lining can then spread more foundation or powder are. However, if they agree, they must wait chalk about 5 minutes when the cream is no longer sticky before I mile, otherwise irregular chalk stick. With the foundation should also do so.
5. The fragrance: This cream contains no synthetic flavors but due balm contains a variety so I smell like the smell creamy coconut fried sunflower So, no different at all. A moment later, the cream not smell anything.
6. The support: from the way the name was that this is a kind of sunscreen with moisturizing effect, is not it wrong results. In nearly a dozen components to extract protection type Oil and why it did not work lotion. I think that if the summer and autumn when the sun is not too dry, just apply sunscreen each may instead be both moisturizing step. Evidence is my skin dry Tretinoin therapy session crazy, like snakeskin leather peeling so tiny that just apply jojoba Oil finished product fuck up that much smoother skin, which looks well supported horror.
What you also should consider oily skin during the summer, maybe it’s going to make skin more oil. If oily skin should only use this product autumn winter only, may be used as a base before make-up for convenience and safety.
7. Effect: so long and have not used since this product has not come out the sun for more than 30 minutes, so I shall not ever be as it was assessed how well a sunscreen. But only just believe in fame and voted awards that he has received.
8. Price: The price on the web this product is $ 25, can be classified as affordable, but in Vietnam, the slightly higher price, I bought this product is 750K meoheo home. However, with a volume of 100g, it cost him so well too comfortable, when compared with sunscreen bring a million silver Chanel had 30ml; otherwise, it’s as simple as Marie Veronique 1tr2 also with 60g products.
Generally in my opinion is the use sunscreen because if applied little more will not work, so well have to consider price rather then down and out dated.
9. Composition: On the list component of this product, only love, from page to cosdna EWG will evaluate this product absolutely safe at that facility.

10. adhesion: Sadly, this product is not waterproof and sweat, so if you use it daily should only be used in normal conditions, but sea swimming and it was slipping away.

Conclusion: In conclusion I evaluated this product advantages in benign components, affordable, well reputed brand. There lightly cover with nursing degrees. With sunscreen, but you do not often have to work in hot, dusty. With normal skin or dry skin, oily skin can use but should only be used in winter. Can be used as the base layer of makeup.
The downside is that a sun protection factor is not high, easy to drift in the water should not be used when swimming; if slightly greasy topical much, stick to a new level after half an hour before.

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