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MAC Ruby Woo – red lipstick for daring express women

It seems that I have become a MAC lipstick lunatics and red lipstick enthralled when recently the number of red lipstick my rapidly increasing. Tint Creamy lipstick from Innisfree red No. # 1, to the MAC Relentlessly Red ultra bright coral red, then red as the color of the flag of Lancome Standard # 189 and the finally is the legend MAC Ruby Woo.
Previously I had ever intended bought Ruby Woo, but looking back it find it red lipstick dark soy sauce, but it is the wild walk well lipstick, you end up selecting Candy Yum Yum now – one of 2 MAC lipstick with Ruby Woo’s always under the best goods at the shop notebook Saller Vietnam.
Candy Yum Yum Tree in use shows were boring, the purple color should be pale lips, rolls of packets Matte lipstick is also stepfather, caked with sticky greasy. I have to liquidate disservice to her sister the same agency.
Then the first round in 2014, when I fall for the quality of the hard-line ultra lipstick Retro Matte, bought two plants of this collection is Relentlessly Red and All Fire Up. Relentlessly Red tree so far is my most frequently used items in the lip (lipstick excluding wind), Fire Up the tree All I see purple color it leaned too do not like the new owner should also follow it.
My impressed with Ruby Woo hours is still a deep red lip color, aging and difficult to use. I still think it’s just the hot girl with white skin peel, which can not be gathered gơ then at least on the catwalk or red carpet beautiful new user. But after more you comment on my blog compliment Ruby Woo, I also see many pretty standard swatch (not some fresh red swatch where sir), I think that this is a lipstick color can be used. And after days of deliberation, I welcome this morning about her in boundless eagerness.

Following are my share of this lipstick color, which compares with Red Relentlessly plants offline.

1. About the color:
While Relnetlessly Red is a bright red color (Bright pinkish coral matte), are tinged red rose and a little bit of red coral (coral), the Ruby Woo lipstick looking at is indeed deep red color. If anyone unfamiliar new look will probably say goodbye because she now does look almost exactly one color of lipstick intensive Korea 90s look on her lipstick tree horrible old.
But when wiped off the hands or brushing your lips red is a kind of Ruby – yes, as the name implies. A deep red color, a bit deep loving. When you brush up not darken the skin on the contrary very religious and more white teeth. However, they must still confirm that Ruby Woo is dark red, not bright not where.

After using it I found lipstick suit most skin color, not so much to beat beautiful white strip, the whole is you dare hit it or not. It does not dazzle as Relnetlessly Red, red farm-style nor as Lancome # 180 that it attracted, sexy and mature.

Certainly if you are less than 25 years old, hit the lip I think you should brush your lips or ombre style heart rather than the lips tight matches and Fall of Ruby Woo red, because if we do that would cause you to plus 2-3 years old too. This is a matching lipstick color for both young women, middle-aged ladies and U60-U70 includes more specific, please.

2. On the substance son: there is nothing to discuss because it’s more along the lines Retro Matte – super lỳ so the quality is exactly the same MAC lipstick Red Relnetlessly’ve Review. By now, this is the most satisfied of my lipstick in all kinds of lipstick after taking all genres from high-end to the Drug Store. I liked it more than Dior, Chanel or Guerlain.
Perfect quality of lipstick on color, color grip. Beginners who are not familiar feel dry but it does not dry, it’s hard-right from the first swipe do not dry out your lips. Unlike many other lipstick line, at a great new software beat more lip care, nursing class when dry lips peeling away the junk. Ruby Woo I hit all day, but no peeling lips, lips without visible grooves no lipstick phenomenon drift into the groove as other kinds of lipstick powder. Absolutely packets, stick out little cups while eating or drinking.
My experience when using this lipstick line is simply: dark lips bleaching thoroughly, apply lip balm before bed. When morning before applying make-up at the start of a little lighter lipstick to her lips, then measured before striking lipstick taken lightly absorbent kitchen paper layers mobile lipstick. So hit up lipstick from sliding away by nursing class, modern lipstick on lips and will eat very nice.

3. Price: Currently lipstick Mac rose on the web is $ 17

* Conclusion: For me, Ruby Woo lipstick is a beautiful, impressive color, charming and very personal. It’s not too difficult to use as I thought, it’s beautiful style and mature loving. I’m pretty happy about this choice. However the 30-year-old girlfriend, before buying this lipstick color should weigh and read, watch carefully swatch offline. It’s dark red to bright and not as many shots where not time to buy back can not be used.

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