[ Foundation Review ] Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay – in – Place (2W1)

This Foundation is too famous and also very many RV, however today I still RV it again because currently it is is his favorite Foundation. Also for that reason that I let it really an article-because usually a post I will try to write a theme such as: according to the airline, according to function or line … In summary is Estee lauder Double Wear deserves to win an own article I give you.

To say a bit more is because we are a small acne, so at first Guerlain Parure line Foundation used de Lumiere, the low coverage does not cover blemishes, so I’m new to this Foundation.
Double Wear Foundation line I see there are 2 types of Stay in Place and Light (do not know correct anymore) that looks like the kind of Light is on the line after this new alternative to Stay in Place, because I found two different types of packaging. Actually, I’m not actively research on this that just saw a lot of people have and it should also compliment the RV purchased on trial.

Kind of I buy is Stay in Place sample type 7ml (bought 2 type sample, and if the computer you bought 4 sticks = 28ml to sample much cheaper than buying the full bottle 30 ml).

Color: color is bright gold-tone-SAND 2W1. Generally the average range of light skin or over used the new fusion rather than the average user skin also found slightly too bright. The brush up the light as the dawn, not so handsome, I see my skin in General is this color because as I’ve ever been, I like hitting a true skin tone brighter (just a little bit okay).
Texture: liquid cream substance-a loose, flowing hand poured out like water, but again extremely quickly. If not, then quickly spreads the cream will dry and States don’t always go right is riveted. I found the brush to concur completely ineffective, there is a little bit then use topical sucking thumbs really fast. I’m just very thin layer so little balm shine a bit on the face and then use your finger to scatter immediately Foundation. Concur on each small area a.

Smell: pleasant, gentle. Finishing up the side no longer shine to smell anything else.
Price: 800 k range for every laptop, I see reviews that compared to other high-end lines such as Chanel, Guerlain is pleasant for a good Foundation.
Layers of finish: very good, but the creamy liquid is like water but when illuminate the surface will dry out like a layer of chalk, no sticky feeling sticky, nhớp nhớp found in BB cream or cream background. Thus, should the guest before facial moisturizers are good, you would dry skin peeling back as possible must be careful when hitting this ice cream will not clear the route if the mold on the surface. But is the doldrums but still face chalk-type finish has a mild strain, taken up very nice photos, skin still looks to stretch the ball as used BB rather than a dry as wax.

The image above is I have smeared the cream out of hand-is new at cream poured out under.

Cover: extremely fine, I only use very thin layers that cover almost all of the cons (which I was using it as concealer). Having Acne to new eyes need Halo light dot or add a second layer. Riveted multiple layers is also very easy.
Alkaline oils: average, oily as I then after 2 h sitting Skin Conditioner rooms have T region oil and chalk if not used. Normally it’s done lightly-covered I hit add a layer of chalk to dry the airy both Dior with sitting-room conditions.
Colour fastness: this I extremely high rating, as cover. Some day the hot sun just then I travel it from 7 am to 5 pm background layer only flew away about 20% Although regular oil and still had to sweat then flows in tong. That purge the page it also take the basting it because of it sticking.
KL: I rate it 9/10điểm, for oily-oil mixture, dry skin, then, as I am not. I used about 1 month and have yet to see skin irritation (more is this cream to use, a 7ml type very well sealed that user forever and yet 1/3, the bottle 30 ml make over new year off). Now I am still using it while waiting for the order you Chanel Perfection Lumiere, and I find this is a type of Foundation is really worth the buy, satisfies the criteria: good prices, good brand, good durability, color cover.
The only downside is probably just as it dries too fast so must concur quickly when put cream on the skin.

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