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The Malay’s Journey – Part 2: Penang “Fading memories”

The last day’s ride from Penang to Melaka at 11 p.m. departure. I tried to go for a late flight to save yourself a night in the hotel. But the night sleep not sleep on her chair round caused to my boring…

They didn’t give me the car when Ben because I buy the ticket through the ticket agent, the ticket code is not the same with tickets they sold to passengers. A mistake in this trip is already too careful: buy tickets in advance via the ticket agent, to the ticket was more expensive. Dripping forever I was in the car after running upside down at night to seek help of the ticket, which all receive a denial. I thought being left between the night bus to Melaka.

Until you wake to find yourself are going on long bridges from the Mainland connect to the island, I was assured that I was to Penang. Ancient eyes, I agreed in a “self serving” with mini rooms, bunk beds of iron in the heart.

In Malaysia, this form was quite popular, i.e. upon rent, the landlord will delivered to you room key, you in a bed in the room has four beds. Go open courses, including the major gateway, no employees for the duration of stay, and the information in the reception, daily they cleaned. This form of accommodation is very convenient because it is usually located in the main streets, cheap, only about 12-15 RM/people in one night.

Penang, the ancient city with the works of the British muốt towards white, bright color in the mist of romance soon. I love Penang than not in the graffiti appeared all over the place, nor in the butterfly farm, snake pagoda or the long beach in the wondrous green.


I love Penang heritage city because of the Georgetown Center is spacious enough and easy to love, so tourists can spend 2 days around, sometimes stopping the vehicle roadside vendors selling food, cheap drinks. Penang street food made to echo phảng taste of the Hong Kong Food and mixed bit colours of Hindu cuisine.

I came to Penang on Friday, not blessed with a lot of the mosque in the old city closed, not to serve the tourists. Penang’s specialty is the Church of a lot of alternating religious, live in harmony on the island. The only common point of the Islamic architecture, Hinduism, Christianity in Penang is white crystalline appearance, that when approaching, you just scared myself touching will do the dirty walls.

The dust of time also cover up the old town. Country Malaysia small did not know how the times were divided into five rips seven well just because the Strait of Melaka, where important trade ships and military ships.

When the Chinese discovered the island, they named it as Pulo Pinang (areca fruit)-a large islands uninhabited. To the 18th century, the island was occupied by English colonists.

The white of the Penang near as the city with the MITRE recovered the development of municipalities, they tried to preserve the identity and value of Chinese cultural interference, local and foreign, as a way of developing tourism. Penang is not ancient, but it has something fresh of an island trying to preserve the value of heritage for posterity. I like living in Penang, how nice the people are enthusiastic guide when I pedal out the downtown Club, the way they poured me a cup of warm tea when I stand in front of their porch rain.

When the Europeans to colonize this land, they call these natives are the guys of color, those eating the feathers in the hole when eating by hand and do everything by hand. They out exploitative power the guys of color in plantations, construction sites. Perhaps because of the enduring, which I saw in the eyes of the people of Penang have a sincerity. Fears about the men and origin of Islam seemed to disappear.

The Indian zone is separate from the typical buildings in Penang, I easily find by aroma and smell the surroundings warm spice up from the markets. Clothes, jewelry, food products are sold all over the place. Muslim restaurant before noon Friday, hundreds of people patiently queued waiting to serve.They have just returned from the ceremony in a church to Islam. The showy of the streets in the Indian opposition to zones of white and covered with MOSS on the wall of the House in Chinatown.

Shrimp-you am I right, people easy to love in Penang, by here there must be a way to have the name of love (Love St.) is located right in the old town with the lovely Cafe, sunny balcony off the road, the cheap hotel beautifully decorated for backpackers, the souvenirs sold exquisite craft …


I have found a New married name streets (Just Married) with the dilapidated buildings are gradually being vandalize go to new construction. There are too many abandoned houses in Penang, Melaka-like, but also those who do not have a decent roof to live through the day. That’s life!

Not knowing is not limping, when people call the old Georgetown is the city and the island of Penang heritage bearing the name “the Pearl of the Orient”. A legacy there where lapping, there are ups and downs from time to time how it will forever be the legacy, it just became an old thing goes, the more ancient rather than into a jewel.

Penang owns the large nature reserve, butterfly farm is a travel specialty that nobody ever came here not to visit. I was probably the rare guys don’t enjoy things, such as not wanting to spend time with white sand beaches, sunny yellow but visitors wearing bikinis stroll around public beach.

The nation of Islam, although there are allowed to wear nothing but a girl would feel not comfortable to know there’s thousands of eyes looking at me. The world of Islamic women is behind the headscarf. Compared to the harsh Muslim countries in the Middle East, women in Malaysia are also far more luck, at least they don’t suffer from social restraint in the hijab black from head to toe, every pair of eyes openings only.

The architectural works such as the Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple situated on a hill in the North with interference between the architecture culture and the other cultures. Holy Temple Church, Form clans Khoo Kongsi, the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion of Chinese Buddhist pagodas, Thailand Wat Chayamangkalaram. created for the old Penang cultural values, and harmony without losing the original identity.

In the evening, on the small streets, the roadside cafes rows become crowded, busy. The Penang people there eating habits at home, maybe because they’re busy. But I think because of the tasty street food and comfort. People can eat all the delicious dishes in the world at Penang, but popular snacks such as hokkien mee, rice soup, wonton, wheels, tea vessel, sendo phớ … are in Penang.


Malaysia Porridge….

Well as you can go trekking, climbing, picnicking, swimming, surf … in Penang. The main geographic peculiarities of that diversity has brought to this island a culinary nuances.

Must say Malaysia is the country do travel very well, not natural incentives them too much, nor too long legacy, but when prompted to Malaysia, who also knew the name, Melaka, Penang, Langkawi, Kinabalu … And those who are curious about the culture as me, willing to spend a lot of time to experience.

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