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The Malay’s Journey – Part 3: Langkawi “Eagle wing glide across the coast”

When I sit on the bus out to the Penang airport to Langkawi, I think that I surely would return to Penang.

Maybe I still haven’t tasted the whole Penang street food, My cycling is not far enough out into the neck. A little dismay stagnate because of the cruise ticket has set. Everyone asked why I don’t go to the ship from Penang to Langkawi which chose aircraft.

I don’t know, maybe because I am afraid of feeling the difference in such waters on the countering of tranquility during the three hours. May I know, I will also go a long journey on the ship and then finally back home … Flights from Penang to Langkawi in less than 25 minutes is the shortest flight I ever go.

People talk about the jewel of Langkawi in Kedah, its too much going to do I imagine an island shimmering under the Sun is the Prince of the paradise dimension. But maybe it just is nowhere the heavens with a population of grinding shops, by everything in Langkawi are tax free.


In Langkawi I caught the lives of the youth of Malaysia, an island of the wealthy, where they can freely drive Super car along the horizontal, spend money comfortably in the Trade Center, eating in expensive seafood restaurant.

To Langkawi, I don’t hesitate to supermarket handbags a bag full of beer, the most luxury in Malaysia, which during the cruise from Singapore to this land, I not once dared to cover most of the hooks.

The nights in the wooden room overlooking the garden on the island is the night I sleep most soundly. I don’t have to worry tomorrow I will catch the bus to move, time out, visit the. I plan for the peaceful sea bath on Langkawi, a break before continuing on to Thai soil. Langkawi Island is composed of 99 Islands, making the Mainland 30 km but close to the Thai border.

I have dreams about long white sand beaches, but the stuff I get in Penang is the rare stone, sand island, beach, not very many monkeys, eagles, squirrels. They are everywhere, in hotels, in addition to the coast, the tourist island. Interesting is that you can see the sea warning “Not to eat monkeys, do not damage them” everywhere on the island.

The name Langkawi is the combination of two words: “Lang” and “Kawi” is. “Lang” is from Malaysia, in from Eagle, i.e. the helang. In the past, this archipelago is home to countless Eagles. Today, there are still some islands have more Eagles and is a favourite destination of tourists.

Tun Mohamed Zahir scholar in his book The myth of Langkawi (The Legends of Langkawi) back to that name from the Langkawi India ancient Sanskrit; where “langka” is beautiful and “wi” is extremely.

I found this island has something similar to HA Long Bay in Vietnam, in scenery, geological formations as well as culture. Difference of Langkawi is probably the herds of Red Brown, Black Eagle swooping down the river picked up fish and squid by visitors throwing out.

The island’s history is tied to the name of a woman who was executed because of suspected crime committing adultery, which is Mahsuri. According to the curse of Mahsuri, a row for seven generations, this island is always at war, conflict. The war over, the peaceful return of the Sultanate period of Kedah. Off to England, Siamese finally Langkawi also be peace when Malaysia was awarded the British independence.

Morning, I stand in front of the hotel waiting for the car of the private tourism companies to catch yourself visiting the main island, fishing, watching eagles, monkeys eaten … The tourist information desk steeped on the main street of the beach of Pantai Cenang, I easily choose yourself a cheap tour from the night before.

The tourists mainly domestic tourists, China, Muslim countries. Islamic culture makes the beaches of Langkawi more quietly, even at night. No fire dance, the bar is open throughout the night as the island in Thailand, which is a mere 45 minutes away by boat.

Tourists (except solo and the water is not under Islamic culture) to the little island. Usually only a few Muslim women wore the hijab, a headscarf, some raw land into the ocean fun. They just wear bikini in traditional dress.

In the expensive tour do not prioritize the sea bath, I was visiting the beautiful island of Langkawi, but the beach was quite disappointing. They focus the walking bridge to tourists strolling in sight of the sea, making the roads around the caves. The middle of the island, through a lot of steps such as the climb to mount, and then step down, I caught a Blue Lake falls in between.

Almost 500 km2 in Langkawi, an island quite big, but there is no public transportation. Want to move, you can hire a self-drive car, super car, motorbike.. or take a taxi. Taxis in Langkawi had fixed prices for long, for example from the airport about Pantai Tennang I buy a ticket at the information desk, and so on up the taxi. Kuah, in the southeast corner of the island, is the main town and is also home to the ferry, is home to traders of the Chinese traders, and is the administrative centre of the island economy.

Last days in Langkawi, I stood in line to buy train tickets, from the sea, I continue on to other beaches, island, in a country long and far more other named Thailand.

Useful information

Moved: From Vietnam, there are so many airlines have direct flights to Malaysia as Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines … From the capital Kuala Lumpur you can ride to Melaka (150km), and then from Melaka can fly to the island of Penang, Langkawi.

Or you can go back to the capital, bay walk on Penang, Langkawi, or can also use senior coach to save costs. From Saigon, now have the modern route Baru, the largest city in southern Malaysia.

The weather: As close to the Equator so the weather here is pretty hot, the average temperature from 20-30oC. However, similar to most countries in Southeast Asia, often less sunshine in the monsoon season from November to February every year, Malaysia is not affected by the rain storm as the East so you can travel around in the rain, tạnh quickly.

The typical attractions in West Coast is: Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi

Items to bring: When traveling in Malaysia so bring light, airy clothes, especially the cotton substance, sea bathing. If the high mountains or plateaus, the need to bring the thin sweater or jacket is thin because here the sky is usually chilly in the evening. You also remember to bring sunscreen or small umbrellas, mosquito cream is essential.

Unit of currency is the Malaysian Ringit Malaysia (RM). Rm1 spent the equivalent of 7,000 USD. The cost of living in Malaysia is the acceptable prices, not higher than the common ground travel Vietnam.Of the 10-day trip of mine off about 10 million.

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