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John Mayer – The men has changed too much…

Tonight, a quiet Monday night. I just drank whiskey, I was planning to listen to jazz. But suddenly remembered John Mayer has just released a new album, so decided to download that album.

Although with the previous album, “Born and Raised”, I lost a lot of emotion for his music. But I still want to wait for another album, to see it.

And indeed with this new album, I can assert that John’s music has really changed since Battle Studies.

John Mayer of “Battle Studies”, music and people he has a strong sympathy for me. Very strong. If anyone read my blog from the beginning, the 2010 period will be clear at the time I wrote a lot about John and quotes his lyrics pretty much.

John Mayer ‘Battle Studies’: simple and subtle

It was a period in which, according to me, John was experiencing the emotional and psychological events of a man. Failed but still hard, still want to prove that he did not fall. But at night, facing me, only lonely and tired. Despair emotion but helpless. Can not do anything else, he poured out into music. Pick up guitars that put emotions into play. Hold your pen up and put your mood into writing. Do not hesitate, do not shy away.

I am the same stage.

Then John had a throat problem. One day after his healing, he released the album Born and Raised in a different direction. With the concept of a man living, looking out to the outside world, explore the homeland, after a long period just around the inside.

This is followed by the latest album “Paradise Valley”. Continue to build the image of a man of America, the spirit of America, toward freedom, nature and experience. About the concept, art & creative is also (a little glaucous scarf around the neck of the type). However, the most important album is the music is really … not good. Both “Born and Raised” and “Paradise Valley” John’s music is more open and liberal, a little freer. But it seems to have gone to the country’s kind of pop, What has been John’s success is the electric guitar and the deep, powerful lyrics that hit the heart are no longer available. There are no more guitars that sound like the heart, or the pitch that makes you listen, but just the regular chords. The word is like no reward. Start praising love in a pretty good way. That’s it.

I was expecting that, when John experienced enough physical and mental events, in order to stand up to his creativity, his music would really come out, dare to explore, to experiment harder and more sublimation. But perhaps “Continuum” and “Battle Studies” are already John’s top two. And as a rule inevitable, the peak will be deep bottom. Perhaps John had to experience the artist’s creative failure, he could once again explode and truly reborn.

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