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“MOTHER!” (2017) – Maternal love scene and meaningful layers

Once upon a time, in a house in the middle of the forest there was a couple living. The husband is a writer, has a strong love for the world and the wife is simply a woman who wants to take care of her little family. Still, things are not very pleasant.

One day a strange doctor visited the couple’s family. The next day, a woman came – the wife of the doctor. They are all invited by the husband to stay home while the wife is always worried about something. Then the next day, the two children of the doctor and the other came, fighting each other, a son died. The husband helped the family doctor, held the funeral at that house and that evening there are many more strangers here. The wife panics, the strangers walk into the house and they do everything they want, without the permission of the wife, the words of the wife do not weigh them, they do not hear, the wife just want Pushing them all out of the house … But their answer was “because the husband invited them to …”

Throughout the 2 hours of the movie, there are some non-logical events taking place, so almost everything we catch at the beginning of the film will gradually slip away and almost nothing to dabble in the best fit because a metaphorical, irrational, multi-dimensional and personal story like Mother! There will be no meal for the viewer to enjoy. Our director Darren Aronofsky is one of the directors that I personally find very straightforward in giving my insights on the film. His films are full of ideas about religion, about people, about things from the past, about the present, or forecasts of the future, the lines of dreams and reality are becoming more ambiguous. Now that the story of the movie is metaphorical, high symbol, difficult to make viewers feel completely. And his films are all very crazy and full of artistry.

Mother! – from the name of the film with the last exclamation point enough to make viewers imagine the harshness is about to be expressed. An exclamation as an emphasis, a rage takes place. The characters in the movie did not take a name. But that is not all that important, because they are just a metaphor for what Darren wants to show. Movies have a lot of meanings, many things convey but the interesting thing is that almost all of them can lead to dizzying endings after two hours of film, an end that may haunt in some way.

First of all, the story of the couple. “Men build houses to build homes,” can understand the film as such. The husband is a poet, he has a loving look with all humanity, ready to welcome poetry lovers into his house – here the house is understood as the life of the couple. But unaware of the great love that the husband has forgotten his little love – his wife. The visitors who sit in that house as disturbances in the lives of the couple. The wife is completely passive before the poet’s life, she wants to be noticed by the husband, respected by the husband, she wants to ignore the guests or the disturbance but simply the two care For home, take care of your little family. The husband surrounded by the light that left behind his family. But to help the husband to create inspiration is the love of the wife, crystallized into a child in the belly. The moment the nude husband jumps into writing poetry is the rare moment of happiness that takes place in the house. Then the husband left the house, stepped out of public opinion, stepped out to his fans, the wife can not stand the pressure of that opinion, try to avoid the bad things to happen. , the nest is no longer …

But “Mother!” can be understood in a broader sense than the story of mankind. Someone once said, “Man is a scary virus,” and this concept is also shown in the movie. Why “mother!” To We call this planet Mother Earth, but we are just as the other guests come and destroy people. Mother’s story! revolves around the house of the couple. Here the husband is God, the religion is the wife is the earth, the house is the nature. Mother earth to build nature, take care of it. She did not think there would be “visitors” to visit her. The two doctors can understand the first people on earth or Adam, Eva. They are on the earth, grows up, appear more and more and worship only “gods” destroy nature. Mother Earth fell into a passive world when things went on and on. Mankind appears increasingly crowded and increasingly stupid. They destroy the “nature” despite the “Mother” Earth constantly warned, they still recur. They honor the “god” the road but the “mother” of the earth without regret. “Nature” is devastatingly devastated, and the quintessential “Mother” of the earth is worshiped in the name of “religion”. by myself “. Humans eat the blood of Mother Earth but always show that they are saving Mother. They destroyed her, and then a prediction was made in the movie, that “Mother” of the earth would engulf all in the fire, that the apocalypse would come … It also showed the environmental problem was directed Elevated in addition to religious worship.

Jennifer Lawrence almost took up most of the movie, and she performed well in all her emotions, a miserable character, a lot of anxiety. The other actors, including the husband, played their rounds, especially the “woman” – the wife of a doctor, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, though not a lot of time, but very memorable.

Finally, people should watch the movie to find out their own experiences, which may be liked, may hate the movie. But this is an interesting movie of the year, so watch out for Darren Aronofsky’s bizarre, devastating, personal character. Especially poetry in the film’s obsession when the husband says “All I need is your love”

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