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Some of the excellent metal album for the gloomy autumn

The days of October always give me a sense of grief and thorny. I can do things vividly when the bright yellow light and the clear sky of the day but when the night makes me have bad ideas. I always find the sound of rock metal. Cruelty contains but it seems that when I finish listening to an album, all the bad energy in me has vanished. Today I would like to introduce to you the metal album of the last half of 2018.

“Sorgir” – Skalmold

I never really liked Skaldmold. Even though it’s fair to say there is nothing to criticize about them, especially the first 2 albums. They are a combination of Icelandic folk music and the sharp guitar of Iron Maiden and the Northern pride filled with each note. However, for me, Skalmold is a bit too clean and caring. They do not have the fury and mystery of Primordial or Moonsorrow, not quite as pulsating, flashy as Eluveitie or Ensiferum. Skalmold played the heavily influenced music of NWOBHM, stormy tempo, inspirational guitar riff, the melody flowing from end to end without a second of boredom.

“Martyrium” – Bloodtruth

Martyrim is Bloodtruth’s second album, a brutal death band from Italy. The album is inspired in part by the famous novel “Name of the Rose” and historical events of the atrocities of the divine court against those who are considered heretics.

Bloodtruth’s music is reminiscent of the Hour of Penance. They can play very well but the brutal element must be on top. Speed, cattle and intolerance. The production was of a very high quality (it was not uncommon for us to be a producer with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour Of Penance), quite clean compared to the usual brutal death, but still full of cruelty and cruelty.

“Wasteland” – Riverside

The departure of Piotr Grudzinski is expected to draw Riverside to the breakup, but the remaining 3 members still decide to step forward and do not intend to find a replacement for Piotr’s position. Mariusz first played guitar and bass on the same album, taking over the responsibility of his late friend. The more we hear, the greater the amount of space left by Piotr, which, though not to be excelled, deserves to be a good album of this year. And maybe “The night before” will be replayed for a long time.

“Constellation of the Black Light” – Wolfheart

Let us welcome the last snowball of the Northern Tuomas Saukkonen back to the 4th album. The cold and romantic melodic death of northern Europe, though gradually falling out, still flows strongly in the shape of Wolfheart.

The latest album Constellation of the Black Light opens with the beautiful soft acoustic featured by the Dard Tranquility or Insomnium. Followed by a ten minute long song full of the essence of original melodic death. The fingering runs on the rhythm of the guitar duo, violent drum beats rhythmic tone dark bass guitar black. Keyboard cold sound, vocal bass, snarling, the chorus is full of energy and cheery

When the albums were released, I noticed Tuomas and Wolfheart getting smoother in keyboad. Wolfheart’s extended musical acoustics became more extensive and epic, but just enough to keep the Constellation of the Black Light out of the limelight. Continue to be another excellent album by Tuomas and his accomplice.

Wish you have a wonderful new week with these great metal albums.

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