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Therion – The muse in the metal castle of Sweden

Valuable art requires the creator to produce something unique, unique and compelling. Therion is a band that has created such artistic music.


Therion was founded in 1987 in Stockholm by Christofer Johnsson under the name “Blizkrieg”. They then changed the band’s name to “Megatherion,” and eventually decided to keep the name “Therion” as their official name.

After nearly 18 years of dedication to the music industry, Therion has 19 albums (including both demo and single), each one as a leap for the band to discover a unique and distinctive style of their own. In their first album, they played death metal. Later on, the word “Lepaca Klifforth” was known for combining various types of music to create an unmistakable sound. The sound is a combination of ingenious symphony, opera, musicals, folk music on the background of Heavy metal.

In Therion we see somewhere harmonized harmony with Haggard’s symphony orchestra, occasionally catching Tarja’s inner voice in Tarja’s inner darkness, or gothic Gothic melodies. But that still is not enough. The key to “Therion identity” is the rationality and sophistication of placing attractive colors alongside the heavy metal of the 80’s Iron Maiden and Christofer’s roaring death / black voice. Surprisingly, the seemingly opposite things are crystallized into such a perfect body. And it’s even more surprising to know that band leader Christofer Johnson has never studied at any music school. It is admirable.

Talking about the music of Therion, it does not know how to express the good of it. It’s only possible by turning on their music so that it follows us through its flow, so that our souls can be immersed in it, feeling the vigor, the air, the rhythm of glory, Great, majestic that it brings us.

Therion is so wonderful that it can only be seen with emotion, with the soul, Let the music praise itself. Now come back to Therion, but in another respect, it’s the ideological content that’s contained in their songs and albums.

Come to Therion we are on a boat back to the past, where ancient civilizations flourished. Much of the civilization of Egypt, Greece, Babylon, also occasionally appears Roman or Arabic legend. All of this demonstrates that Christofer has a deep knowledge base.

Not only that, he is also a person carrying a rich imagination. Come to the songs of Therion. There we have exciting adventures to the strange land and fairy. The land holds up in mystical dreams. Talking about these worlds can be a testimony to Han Mac Tzu: “From the truth to the image, from the magical to the magical and from the magical to the dream. The wandering of the things and the realities of the light of dreams surrounds. ” When our souls fly with the dreams of Therion, we see that everything is blurred, just around us is a different country. In this country we see the illusion of moonlight cover the darkness, the appearance of gods, the fairies that we may have or have never known. There you can get drunk, all emotions are spontaneous but there is nothing to suppress. Well, pull your soul back to reality, the thought of Therion where only. It is about religion, about God, about monsters, about the mystery of hell and darkness. It also tells the fierce battle of the great war spirit of the hero (just listening to music can understand the spirit is how?

Perhaps the content of the songs that Therion has brought to those who listened too far to today’s world. But through it we can know the ancient civilization of humanity with a completely different feeling – the feeling of music. As for dreams (I like to talk about it), it will certainly nourish and enrich my soul: “No one breaks the bridges that lead us to sleep, from sleep to sleep. Dream, from the dream will go to day long. “

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