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“Autumn apple”-Laos top fashion show

Fashion combined with technology brought a top-notch show called “Autumn Apples”. Laos’ leading fashion brand will broadcast a “technological” version of the fashion show titled “Autumn Apple”2020 on its official fanpage and other online platforms. This is also the first time, a pioneering Lao fashion brand brings new experiences of Digital Show without losing the spirit and excitement of Runway.

In the 15th year of adulthood of a Fashion Brand, does not become old, but proves to be more powerful, sensitive to trends and highly adaptable. , open to the development of technology. After seasons of living with passion and enthusiasm for fashion on Runway from 2015 until now, marks the transformation with an exciting new step of General Director Vu Le, when Bring the traditional fashion show to the next level.

With professional capital, passion, learning and fashion experience in the international market, Vu Linh plays the role of leading the exciting “Digitalization” Manifesto with Digital Fashion Show Spring Summer. 2020 is called “Autumn Apples”.
In the fashion market both in the world and in the country, there are inevitable trends to change the form of approaching customers, among them, the form of live shows and events is transformed into Digital Fashion – a fashion session. Technological version of the fashion show. Instead of performing in front of hundreds of spectators watching live, the catwalk model in the middle of the stage contains a series of recording equipment for online broadcasting.

“Autumn Apples” Spring Summer 2020 of is like a meeting that conveys a lot of emotions, motivation, and love to women through designs that carry a personal statement and Build a unique style for each lady. So that they can become more beautiful, brighter, more confident, continue to cherish and fulfill their dreams. When dreams converge, it is like the energy from the universe bringing good luck and starting a new life like the morning sun.

The concept of the catwalk shows the cycle of a day, from sunset to waiting for dawn to appear. The show’s space immerses the audience in a new freedom, an optimistic feeling because of the poetic atmosphere like a beautiful dream being realized. With three performances, the digital show “Autumn Apples” in turn depicts each state of nuances and emotions, from the enchanting blend of red, orange and purple blocks of sunset, to pea flowers. Fragrance blooms seductively, overflowing on an ombre background that changes many shades, waiting for the dawn of a new day with many hot, cheerful and brilliant colors of the sun. Depicting the dream of the “Fashion Manifesto” is realized in a high-tech version.
To ensure the safety of the customers of and to bring a new technological experience of the show to the fashionistas. Although approaching with a different form compared to all previous fashion shows of, the brand still ensures to bring uplifting emotions to customers and audiences.

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