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Dance of the Wind – The ultimate show in the desert

Dance of the Wind is the story of the flowers in the desert that always reach out to bloom despite having to live in the midst of harsh weather. The program is sponsored by
Designer Anh Le marked her fashion career with the 2022 resort show called Dance of the Wind. This event is like a festival of artists, designers and models. The audience can’t help but be overwhelmed by Anh Le’s investment and willingness to play when he uses tons of sand with selected natural colors. carefully with many sizes, smoothness, to turn the runway into a desert. Combined with sound, light and visual effects from the stage LED screen, the audience feels like they are sitting in the middle of the desert to enjoy fashion. This is probably an exciting, never-before-seen experience for many audiences.

Mr. Le said, the idea of ​​​​turning the stage into a desert is a rather special decision, to realize the desire to follow the spirit of the newly introduced collection this time. The collection has 3 parts. many levels of emotions for the viewer. If at the beginning of the fashion story, it depicts a vast desert with sand, wind and sunshine through designs with neutral and elegant tones (white, cream, sepia, golden yellow… ) later on, the costume changes to bright and vibrant colors with trendy green, orange, pink, yellow, blue colors… symbolizing the image of the cactus from arid to green, colorful points by blooming flowers.

With simple applied costumes, Anh Le delicately handles them with cuts and holes, combined with fabrics with fancy penetration that are both sexy and delicate, making the costumes no longer available. boring anymore.

In the magnificent feather designs for this summer, Anh Le uses new materials, creating a distinction such as linen, silk, silk… combined with cactus flowers that are 3D attached and hand-embroidered, provide a distinctive visual effect.

The designer shared: “Dance of the Wind is the story of the flowers in the desert that always reach out to bloom despite having to live in the harsh weather. It is also the image of women rising up after difficulties. towel of life.

In addition, Dance of the Wind also means dances on the sand, is the breath of the universe… It’s all like having a harmony between nature and people, always aiming for positive things in life.”
However, the designer did not relax the criteria for choosing his model.

“To give a perfect show, choosing a model is also very important. In addition to good performance skills, I also have a very high demand for the suitability of the collection’s feminine style,” he said.
Mr. Le expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Dance of the Wind show. Despite being busy, he still tries to maintain meticulousness and meticulousness at all stages to bring the most impressive collection and fashion catwalk, ready to welcome nearly 400 guests, including 100 Celebrities on VIP seats.
The designer wants to paint a picture full of vitality after the pandemic, as a hope for the future and good things. That message is encapsulated in a beautiful image of a cactus flower. Despite living on arid sand, the cactus still stretches strongly, blooming bright and proud flowers. It is also a symbol of women who rise up after the harshness of life.
“When we think of the desert, we think of strong winds and sun that can blow away all life. But also in that place, there are still flowers that survive and bloom, symbolizing potential vitality. The challenging beauty of the flower blooming on the dry sandy soil gave me strong emotions.” This creative inspiration is completely different from the previous collections of the designer. Instead of the soft beauty of spring flowers or the poetic beauty of the Mediterranean coast, he was impressed by the roughness of the desert.
With contrasting images between the desert and flowers, he wishes to bring designs that promote the belief of a bright future despite facing adversity in life. The flower blooms in the middle of the desert like a strong desire to rise that each individual carries. The collection will portray the image of an independent woman who is not afraid to face challenges and difficulties, but is still full of femininity and charm.
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