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“Dragonfly” – Show to catch the street trend

For the first time in Hanoi, the dragonfly show was held, attracting a lot of models to attend. sponsors information for this show.
The most expensive supermodel at this year’s event, she said that she always prepares carefully for beauty, body and health before each show. Behind the scenes, she was taken care of by makeup experts. Dressed in a personalized swimsuit as a vedette for the show, the Saigon-born supermodel made the audience unable to take their eyes off. She shows a cold aura with catwalk steps, different from her friendliness, often talking and laughing behind the scenes. That shows professionalism. On the second day of the event, Nana showed up before 6pm to complete the makeup. As always, he showed off his “cool” look with a tank top and wide leg pants. The male rapper creates a highlight with a set of blue painted nails. The designs hit the application “problem”, which can be worn down the street but still ensures the performance element on the runway.
When wearing the vedette of the “Dragonfly” collection, the original beauty of Hanoi exuded majesty. On the background of melodious music, she appeared in a pure white modern ao dai, the front flap was embroidered with wonderful patterns and a bird-shaped hat. The things she is showing also carry a part of my message. want to aim for. No matter what the situation, people still have to do what they like, wear the clothes they feel comfortable in, live for themselves and overcome all barriers.” To shine on stage for less than a minute, the models had to waiting from morning to night to complete the rehearsal, rehearsal, make-up… The model eats while doing makeup to avoid hunger.She comes from the morning of the rehearsal and then stays behind the scenes to complete the stages. Compared to the previous year, the long-legged Da Nang native said that she is quite leisurely because she does not have to “run back and forth” between fashion houses with shows on the same day. While waiting for hairdressing, phone calls, text messages. or “eight” stories are common activities of models, so they forget about having to wait for many hours.” Some days I have to come in early in the morning and stay until late at night. I think anyone who works as a model must have passion to survive. “The waiting time on the catwalk is long, so many models force their feet to take off their high heels. In order to ensure the progress of the work, the makeup artist and Hairdressing, ordering food online, eating on site, Bread or dumplings are popular because of their compactness. While women aim to stand out, men’s outfits are simple but impressive enough. deep, wide suit shows the sexy features of men.The model that accompanies the models in the collection is the mane. Through many movies, it has gradually become a symbol for the image of a lady. Besides, the change in color makes the accessory look more youthful.
For performance models, they are given favorable conditions for eating and sleeping when they have to wait from morning to night to practice rehearsal, make-up, and dress up… However, their seats are the same. The behind-the-scenes crew is still limited, leading to the model sitting on the ground, taking off her shoes because her feet are too sore.

Temporarily setting aside the clutter, this year’s fashion week is also highly appreciated by many people for its large and monumental investment. The stage is designed in a modern, “open” direction. Besides, the U-shaped runway with a total length of up to 60m also gives the model the opportunity to show off the beauty of the outfit.

The security issue in this event is absolutely guaranteed because the security team always requires people entering and leaving the show area to show a card received from the organizers before. After each day, the model’s card is collected. This will prevent outsiders from entering to cause trouble. Entering the 11th season, this event has also attracted the attention of fans and left many emotions for the audience. It is these important milestones that will help the Cambodian fashion industry develop and reach the world.
“The past few days, we have worked extremely stressfully and nervously. Perhaps never before have we had to organize a fashion week in such difficult, risky and stressful conditions. If not have faith, hope, we didn’t.

There were many times when I faltered, wondering if what I was doing was right or wrong. When I look at the images of the designers and the entire team working hard day and night, I realize we are all for the future of Cambodian fashion.”

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