Fashion show

Street show – the new trend of the world fashion village

The collections when combined together have unintentionally created enough slices of time, taking the viewer on a trip from the past, present, to the future.
Fashion week is known as fashion week, lasting for about a week. Designers and brands present new collections on the runway or in the form of a display. The purpose of fashion week is to get closer to professionals, audiences and consumers.

In addition, this event also has a strong influence on shaping the trends of the fashion industry in the upcoming fashion seasons. Fashion show is within the framework of fashion week, where designers bring to the audience the clothes that are about to be released in Spring – Summer or Autumn – Winter.

Usually, the collections will be presented one season in advance, so that experts and fashion critics have time to analyze and decide which trends will be mainstream for the next year.

This has also become an implicit rule in the brand’s business, giving shoppers around the world the opportunity to choose their favorite products before mass production. Some special countries even receive the right to display limited edition products on the catwalk.
This can be seen as a playground, with a professional scale and organization following the international model. However, shows tend to present collections in season, even later than the fashion world.

Previously, fashion week was defaulted to only those who worked directly in the fashion industry (stylist, customers, editors, models…) or famous stars. Currently, this fashion event is becoming more popular with “pagan” circles.

No need to wait for an invitation ticket, many people who like to see fashion or are just curious about this event can still buy tickets at online sales sites and at the venue. This forms the habit that anyone can attend and lose sight of the true fashion week.

Internationally, there are still cases where viewers have the right to buy tickets to the show with different types at the same price of 100-550 USD. However, tickets purchased online are usually only available for individual concerts
Throughout the series of fashion week activities, street style is always an integral part of and closely linked to shows. Every fashion week, fashionistas flock to the event venue to show off their style of dress in front of the photographer’s lens.

This makes it easy for their images to appear in international magazines. Even the fashionista’s style of dress has as many searches as the collection on the catwalk.
New designs are delivered to the hands of fashionistas to attend the show and promote their clothing on the street. Because they are the ones who have a strong influence on fans through their personal pages. Wearable outfits can become trendy for every season.

Normally, street style photography events will take place at the show venue and before the guests enter the auditorium, Vietnamese young people also have the opportunity to express their personality through street fashion. Many people are praised for their fashionable clothes, proper makeup and hairdo, and professional poses that are no different from models.

It is commendable that they gradually update world trends with a strong passion for fashion. Many people attend six consecutive days in the series in the hope of gaining interest.

In addition, some people were commented on intentionally wearing too much to attract attention, wearing heavy makeup like going to a carnival. And yet, they are even likened to a “fashion disaster”. A sad point for this year’s The Best Street Style event is the fact that you promote fake goods and claim to buy them for tens of millions of dong.
Therefore, the designs mostly show the creativity and modern spirit but still retain the values ​​of the nation. The collections when combined together have unintentionally created enough slices of time, taking the viewer on a trip from the past, present, to the future.
Big fashion events in Vietnam take place in a traditional way but still ensure safe methods. Guests watching the show are reminded to wear masks.

Regarding the seats, many bad things happened and caused misunderstandings for both the audience and the stars. However, the organizers quickly corrected and apologized to those involved.

“We quickly held an internal meeting of the reception team to learn deeply about this, and at the same time, the organizers also apologized directly to the individuals involved for the misunderstanding. not worth it”, the representative of the organizers shared.

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