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The dance of scraps – The most impressive fashion week of this year

Fashion show from scrap is a very attractive program, attracting a lot of spectators. The program is sponsored by the website
After two years of being held during a stressful epidemic period, this year’s event – from July 24 to 30 – takes place in the context of the “new normal”. No more body temperature monitors, masks or negative results confirmation tables, fashion lovers comfortably mingle on the red carpet and catwalk.
The week conquers the audience with designs using recycled materials following sustainable fashion trends, blending into the general flow of the global fashion village. From there, the event conveys the message: limiting the production of fast fashion to protect the environment, avoiding waste and emissions, and directing people to a thrifty, healthy lifestyle, prioritizing quality and health.
Designers use recycled fabrics from oyster shells, lotus fibers, coffee grounds… to create many collections that are functional or gala dinner. Oyster shell fabric is created by a combination of recycled plastic bottles and sea oyster shells, which are moisture-wicking, heat-permeable, breathable, quick-drying, and anti-static. Meanwhile, the fabric from coffee grounds is light, super cool, optimal body deodorization, UV protection up to 98%.
Mr. Son said about the material creation process: “Oyster shells are collected from the farm, then dried, ground into powder, and rolled into small balls like polyester. The balls are melted to create yarns, spun and spun. yarn and weave into fabric.To make coffee fabric, you have to go through five stages.The processed coffee is roasted above 200°C. After high-heat roasting, the beans are ground into a fine powder. . Bring this powder to mix with polymer, then the powder will stick to the surface of the polymer fiber, turn into yarn. Finally, use this fiber to weave into fabric.
The week also shows the investment of the organizers. The stage was inspired by the world’s major fashion boulevards in Tokyo, Hanoi. The LED screens bring images of streets and shops full of lights, showing the vibrant village life again. Three hours before the opening, the crew was still busy editing the stage lighting and sound. The organizers only have two weeks to complete all stages with 100 employees. The representative of the week said that many people are exhausted because they work until 3 hours to rest. In addition, the red carpet invests in many shooting areas with different ideas, helping young people to unleash their creativity.

Four shows with 1,000 costumes focusing on fashion, no tricks, pulled the majority of the audience to linger until the last minute.
The theme is trending, the quality of the collection is relatively uniform, but the week is incomplete because of the catwalks that are out of place, the organization stage is still lengthy.

Before the show took place, every day the models practiced and assembled the stage, but on the stage many people still strayed from the music, lacked emotion, erratic performance. Some people said that the bad weather made their health worse. Some have not performed for a long time, so they are matched.
“I think long-time models have their own charm, perform methodically, but to be more excited, you need young, new models with a different catwalk.”
Like every year, the part of speeches, giving flowers before the show takes up a lot of time. Many people also objected to the award ceremony “Beautiful Audience” when the organizers asked the nominees to take a walk on the runway, affecting the shows behind. Many spectators lost patience, constantly booing under the seats because they wanted to enjoy the show instead of side activities.

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