Rodents (and more) in your facilities.

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On some occasions we have been called to troubleshoot electrical systems. Initially it seemed to be the usual failure due to electrical leaks, which can happen on systems of a certain age. But on recent systems, both ours and those of other installer colleagues, one thinks of some product defect: it’s strange. Instead, looking deeper and opening boxes and derivations, it turns out that rodents have been living on our property for some time. They have started a family and are very happy with it, especially in the niches of the electrical system. The problem is that they eat the sheaths of cables or electrical wires, depending on whether they are external or internal cables if they manage to run through the electrical pipes from the wells.

Other problems related to rats, on the other hand, can be found in both electrical, photovoltaic and technological systems, in farms or where food processing is carried out. In the case of companies, buildings open to the public, periodic deratization and continuous disinfestation take place, but in private environments these procedures are not usual.

Rodents live where they can easily find food or food residues, they are omnivores but prefer fruit, seeds and cereals. They eat 10% of their body weight every day, they generate 8/10 small rodents at a time with gestations of less than a month.

When mice don’t have enough food nearby, they gnaw on everything. This is also due to the continuous growth of their incisors.

Common cases we have encountered:

  • gates that work on and off;

  • gates that open by themselves or don’t work;

  • doorbells that ring by themselves (occasionally);

  • video door phones that ring by themselves or are disturbed or do not work;

  • differential tripping or circuit breaker tripping.

The problem is that some damage can cause fires in houses.

Examples of mouse damage.

rat bites gate wires

rat bites cable wires

rat bites cable

This however is due to a couple of dogs, a little nervous.

dog bites gate plant

dog bites gate plant

Oops.. good morning!

Photocell lizard.

Possible solutions?

For dogs we can’t do much except protect the equipment with metal armor, for rodents cleanliness and the absence of food residues are the first step to reduce their presence. We already do this by sealing the pipes with pastes that annoy chewing, in cases where it is foreseeable that there are we use armored rodent-resistant cables, or metal sheaths in critical points, or sheathed cables impregnated with rodent-resistant substances. But like any process, the additional cost of using these cables must be evaluated or discussed with you, is it worth it?

It is possible to intervene with natural products (essential oils for example) or in the worst cases with ultrasound (high frequency) to be installed in critical points. Caution, when installing ultrasound equipment, ask the retailer/manufacturer that the frequencies are correct for the animals you want to keep away, each family of animals has its own disturbing frequency: ultrasound for mice does not work properly if you have to keep doves away . The location is also important, the high frequencies of ultrasound are not able to “pass” walls except with very high power attenuation, so the result may not be what you expect.

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