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“Light in August” (William Faulkner) – The work of human salvation

In the glare of August, dust and the tired, sweat and the legs for a pregnant body, Lena goes by the call of the heart, go in search of the father of the boy, who has promised to return with her after finding a stable job. A young woman, she’s beautiful, calm and gentle, She was accepting destiny but also it’s the challenge of rationing, She’s walking to an indeterminate place, find someone that multiply an only one name that he has used in her side.

The work begins as such, the first word has brought an intense magic, since I now Dostoievski reading caught was a charming voice and sad to so. The u of a generation of people, are Faulkner going into the past, go deep into historical context, religion, into body parts, fate related to ethnicity, gender. No page, but page book filled the August friendly and loving. Humans have no evil, only the society is cruel, that no society actually evil, that the humanity of humans sometimes behave brought a wicked mind unconsciously.

The past was the creation of each individual. with a voice reminiscent of, and great storytelling ability, each character appears to the crisp to the nao, the astute in his way to the little details of the character do we sense that characters are right in front of me, for we observed, for mercy we trade , for I expected and hoped for.

Hope, although life for the worse that would also have hope. A character dies, the face full of blessing. A crime is to comprehend the esoteric encyclopedia do exist that forgive. Destiny has just separated, recently joined together in light, so we flipped on the past, to understand the soul of each person.

Extremely impressed by the work I can see the salvation of the human soul, and the tenuous hope as the rays, as it’s enough to a destiny to see the light of his life his life immersed in the hidden memory of clan, was born. That was a really great works are born, nostalgic thai in love and unspeakable human understanding of the writer, the capture and go to the bottom of the human soul, to “every I is one of us,” every generation of readers, in every cultural mièn can empathy and love.

If I struggled to read “the sound and the Fury” in the confusion and embarrassment because of strange storytelling and elusive as the stream of flashbacks and endless turmoil, “Sunshine,” a much more readable. And if I finished reading “the sound and the Fury” but I can’t comprehend why he is so great, then after reading the August Sunshine, this works just fine, I’ve totally agree about his position in American literature and world literature in General.

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[ BOOK REVIEW ] Siddhartha (1922) – The story of the river and the mindless commitment

Read Siddhartha journey is also a journey of commitment, engagement in reading, in thought, in personal experience paired with character experience. Hermann Hesse touched desire hidden deep inside every human being: the desire to look calm and happy, so that each person recognize himself, realized the precarious between truth and absurdity, absolutely and relatively course, between the illusion of peace and peaceful experience, faith and trust unconditionally to bargain. The road shores yearning to find enlightenment in the joy and pleasure of Siddhartha is also a silly road full of this white paper is to write to the ego it May Day relentless commitment, desire to uncover the quality of life and make yourself seen.

Siddhartha, the son of a model Brahmin, she have been living in the sacred cradle of the long line of scholars and luminous form, grew up between the holy ritual cleansing and divine sacrifice, mature with a stained impartial body and mind a hustler just known the thoughts of the world. One day, strange, Siddhartha realized he was no longer serene. Or rather, Siddhartha learned serenity ever just a shell, is false, is calm with serenity (not necessarily true) of others. “Water used for sacred ceremonies despite significant bleaching, but still just water.” So how to understand the nature of water, how to feel refreshed as washes off all sins when water touches the flesh, of course, impossible in teaching and preaching. Siddhartha need more than that, he should abandon eye admiration and expectation of the Brahmins, the pride of his parents from leaving the bag contained only wise wisdom of others to live for themselves, to working yourself into a mindless commitment though, albeit with uncertain direction, although stormy sky and footsteps crashed into the sand where frost covered the entrance and also not seen unlikely to have the entrance, but he was that he, experience and experience, are vanity and twiddle with anxious thoughts billowing from the river, flashing from the stars in the desert night, manifest under the sun’s rays.
And once so passionate billowing in Siddhartha was boiling, darts fired into the forest where the other party, he now decided to engage only piece of forest to find the destination. He left his father go to the same ascetic itinerary falls away, then stepped into the rotation of the harsh life of love and desire and passion, of greed and lust. Despite the chaos, knowing the ones dying and not necessarily the ones that will be, or if there is, also not sure can keep long; but the ones that he was about to lose trust and appreciate each quarter, even the ones that are, perhaps will only be the fruits of conquest, like a kind of victory, and the endearing unknown until after or not; but because the youth are the days of ignorance stupid, Siddhartha still crave live out each present moment with his youth, a commitment by the naive.

The mindless of Siddhartha is not bewildered or foolish. That is the commitment of an innocent desire bearers seeking ego. Siddhartha is not subject to the page; ink of others on his writing. He had to write it all, and so, refusing to castigate had the appearance of the words printed on his life. As a rule of life, at some point people are going to start writing to your partner site with all the commitment and experience. Must be experienced, is the truth, Siddhartha thought. Something is about to lose Europe as well as it must go, it can not stay in it, and because he did not really hold it, because maybe it is not important enough to you, not noble enough to make him one minute weakness, threw insufficient to protect the ego desires and personal bravery. Siddhartha stood moonlight ask for his father was away, he’d decided, the ultimate determination of youth and charm, while a peaceful area, it may be receding, awhile back can also just sand.
But youth is not enough peace. Sometimes the sandstorm while returning more valuable than the starting point for peace. People only see peace once went through a lot of turmoil. Through life, people thrown together the book teaches peace, one visible to young people (and children) the truth sky, people deprived youth in a non-turbulent lifestyle and challenges, people with their experience to enlightenment peace, then go the stormy goods of others in the spirit and sacrifice, honored by the generosity of the Supreme Lord, by relentlessly in mantras sunny as their security yen. With Siddhartha, peace as the light, and no darkness light peace is just unreal things. Must feel the darkness, then see precious peace, must fall into the dark to find the light, right up to roll in the bathroom in the morning, always toward the light to overcome darkness with all the passion, and therefore, must always skeptical light, by light and then dark, the light is not necessarily light which is not necessarily at night.
So also, Siddhartha was so cynical reality, judgment and concerns all dogmatic teachings, every cartridge size molds. Siddhartha saw beautiful things not so nice compliment others, but even the experience of beauty is that, even in the eyes of other weird things that are ugly. Theory and books celebrate the beauty potential reincarnated in a rough stone, but when you really experience, Siddhartha no longer find it beautiful because it can become this and that, but it’s beautiful for its own sake because it is a rock with its pore ridge, but nothing more. This seemingly simple things are all a journey. It is the concept of beauty in all sublime thoughts about them, by all imagine great match, and then the beauty actually fit in the every edge or surface, core or outer shell the essence of things. Each stone has its own beauty, are imploring “Om” in its own way, each member will be the Great Falls … stone is stone, it is also an animal, it is also divine, it is also the Buddha. All records and preaching are just words, but words are diversified, discourse is what can change in every moment. The words are not good for the magical sense, everyone is saying are all a bit different, a little bit misleading, silly little. Extreme skepticism and disbelief to each word, and each word is uttered once fabricated, so it is necessary to bring all of the material learned silence in which only minds is where understanding and feel to know everything, where informal senses sharp and can realize the nakedness of the human mind.

Experiencing all the sad and funny, gamble, money, gain and loss, the anguish, the joy delight playing with the material and human heart’s cheapness, Siddhartha went to the ends of the shadows: the dead. Here, the light was opened, the river gave him see he needs in this life. The garden of his own entertainment excitement behind where the river runs through, but he could not see. The river runs through it all, the river passes through May young and foolish, go through emotional and rational, good and evil, good and bad, travel through space and time, death and life, the planet and universe, disintegration and consolidation, virtualization and broken dreams, happiness and suffering. Days ago, he learned language as spelled Om. He is fluent in every corner of this word in pronunciation, in the contemplative techniques and absorbing, reflecting, in the wisdom of the idea revolves around the sacred language. He knows how to speak without pronounced inhalation as well as exhalation time, focus its mind … I understand that the soul, the intrinsic nature, can not be destroyed, it is one with the universe. On page 2 of the book, opening files, Siddhartha had knowledge of such things, the things that the young people like you to understand the extraordinary, the only thing in the wisdom of the expert level into pocket his wisdom sparkling essence. But knowledge is like that, and then after a journey, when the river, he switched to new insights from sensor, which is the body and mind when you feel something, every expression are becoming maize nghê cliché, every spokesperson were foolish excess. The strength of the experience is there, when the direction of truth and charity is not an arrow shot close and go straight to the destination. That’s arrows fly in a roundabout and pass thousands of barriers, experience the wounds on his body by both the weak, fragile, helpless. “Themselves to experience everything need to know is a good thing. We have learned from childhood that worldly pleasures and possessions is not goodness. Knew a long time ago, but have just experienced here. Now we know, not only through the memories, but firsthand, take heart and with all your stomach. “

Still, though nowhere skeptical, though with far detours and obstacles, though Arrow was divided split seven years with thousands of scratches and scrapes, as long as we do not change direction, all processes are becoming valuable . As long that we always go towards the light, the darkness will also be a part of us, the eternal becomes truth in us. Though there will be time, self-doubt arrow key direction of its flight, the destination or the next time then, it doubts its main destination, and countless times self-doubt myself, then in the spirit of longing non-stop journey of continuous experience and enlightenment, enlightenment and experience, we would like Siddhartha, and all else will be like a river, flowing in line consolidated basis, through all but the river is still, love all the things of the present life, love everything from the current forms of knowing they can change in a heartbeat condition variable tomorrow. The river will continue our conversation so on their own. And somewhere along the Siddhartha met her children and continue living in the true way, he met old himself, seeing images of longing search never stops flowing, so reminded him that, do not bring my experience to tell the child that wishes it to understand, because they are sacred to me, but to others they are just nonsense. “The truth always has its opposite and the opposite is also true, too.”. There is no common truth for us. Each person has a true, and journey to find the truth for yourself each is also the journey to find enlightenment, to find happiness and peace, to seek the experience that their feelings will follow me , makes the people throughout the rest of his life by myself.

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“Inferno” (Dan Brown) – Fighting for the love

In the latest novel, Dan Brown building the arrest and chasing to the salvation of mankind by the woven details by red thread fragile but powerful: love.
No personal scams, do not serve the plot-intensive of a secret organization, every character in Dan Brown’s hell in search, chase each other for a single reason: the salvation of mankind. In a dramatic race, Dan Brown completed his masterpiece painting by a “red thread” fragile but powerful: love.

Although many loyal readers of Dan Brown still honestly that this story has not really convinced they satisfactorily as the Da Vinci Code or Angels and demons, or still not commensurate with the price spent to bring it about Vietnam, then still could not deny the subtle movements of the pen Dan Brown in this story. A turnaround that must follow throughout his works, we can recognize.

Love! Itself is minor to lead us and link everything in this adventure, love cause every thing and love also heal everything.

Read first half of hell, obscure in the blind fire layer which the author launches the easy, make sure that the readers and then Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks would love each other. It appears that they will really love each other, but Dan Brown’s genius pen where there simply so. If the love of Sienna for Langdon was the emotional bond arises when .and agony, when adjacent to the death, then take advantage of the deep in heart, the girl had an IQ of this incredible is still a divine love: love is rooted in ideals with Bertrand Zobrist.

Both love are referred to in the works of not much, with Zobrist is only brief flashbacks when Sienna sits on Frecciargento ships crossing the countryside of Italy, with Langdon is just the conversation always revolves around the mysterious mass that they need answers, when constantly running from here to there. But the love back is still the bright spot in this work. Love makes Sienna willingly everything to conceal Zobrist from the engine search of the whole world, and also love onset with Langdon making her back, face the questions of WHO, as well as stop the run has followed her throughout her life.

No coincidence that Dan Brown build a Sienne with incredible genius brain. If you are not a genius, she has not pushed out a different side of society, where the longing for ideal not Fulcrum are shaking to death. And then she met Zobrist, the admiration, the harmony between the two ideals that make up a love life salvation alone experienced difference of exotic girl Sienna. A love that Dan Brown just summed up in few words: “I lie there, dam dam look through window to the night wind snow, I know I will follow this man to anywhere”.

Zobrist’s love for Sienna found probably lived, but as someone new to Langdon primary she felt familiar, peaceful feeling for her to live as a normal person. Mortal moments they spent together, the mercy nothing is fake created by a professor to know Sienna capital not as you think. The outlandish beliefs they awarded each other though is still two strangers turned out to be the basis to build up inside the genius girl a longing, hankering to stop all this race back to life as a regular person.

In an attractive and dramatic works such as hell, too many details, but the most profound impression left is Sienna moments turned the motorboat which can take you to escape the search of WHO opens up the eyes, look at Langdon and sobbing “Robert, I can’t run anymore. I don’t have any place to go. ” People, whether to go to anywhere just looking forward to have a place to return to. Will someone make me want to go far, but will also be the person who makes me yearn to be stopped because a warm quiet riot are called “home”.

Dan Brown tells us love Langdon-Sienna withdrawal will go to the Bureau. But in the end, girl genius she was no longer vulnerable to the run, and also had at least one man on this world look at her not with high IQ knock, which as a normal girl, know the loneliness and longing to be loved, a man told her things that any girl in the world wants to hear : “Children begin from little things. A simple first step. Let’s trust him “.

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Mars and venus – Starting over (John Gray)

A love endure forever is something that we also aspire. But if for any reason that emotional relationship not continue anymore, then you will have to face a new era with a lot of physical disturbance.

The loss, broke in love can instantly transform our life. Although what to do from the beginning, but the suddenly facing the emptiness on the upcoming journey makes it not out of nervousness. I noticed I just lost the most familiar things, sacred, just before future embarrassing not to know. How does the mind in question when the heart filled with suffering.

Please spend some time with this book and realize you need to do to better life. What enthusiasm in his book men of Mars, Lady Venus-John Gray love found again written out after twenty eight years of accumulated experience to advise many people heal the wounds if love breakdown or bereavement.Although there is a different situation, but each has a common is unhappiness in love.

The solutions mentioned in the book each bring good results for many people, including the author himself. The experiences in life help you do better work in consulting, teaching, and more importantly-help John became a husband, a good father in the eyes of the children. The end of the journey beyond escape the pain, he realized that a lot of special gift for those who know the start and looking for true love.

Like to create a new life forced the labor pain, faced with loss, misfortune in life is extremely challenging to find happiness at the end of the road. Pass through this process, we will accumulate the precious life capital for a new life. After a few initial adjustments, everything will be easier, we will soon look back and see that all the pain he is only a memory.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part: Mars and Venus-Do from the beginning, mentioned the basic steps in the process of healing for both s-e-xes. Part two titled: Venus-start comes to the difficulties women encounter in the process of rebuilding a relationship. The last part is the Mars-anew, presenting the challenges men commonly face.

Though the process to heal the wounds of our hearts is the same, but each one again encountering the challenges of its own. This requires each person needs to have insight about his situation, from which the best method option for yourself. Believe that you are never alone, because my life how people fall into the situation as we know it but they’ve overcome. They were living to continue loving.And we would also like!

Men of Mars, Venus woman-found love is the book written by the enthusiasm of a distress heart always want to bring to the wondrous for each relationship, as well as a gift the author wants to send to his life. Expect that it will be useful in the time you have to cope with the hard work of the heart.

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“Tristes Tropiques” (Claude Lévi-Strauss) Review

I don’t want to step into the field of Ethnology, anthropology, I just happened to see this book on a bookstore in Hai Ba Trung street, while I was travelling with a girl the day before I come. She gave me a book, and I choose this book, perhaps because of its suggestive name of Vietnam in his hometown to, well maybe because its author, a very famous Ethnologist in the years learning French I have known his name. Sometimes we approach a book just because the charm, rather than because we have choices and to Italy to advance.

I brought it to France to read, to appreciate a gift, and to remember about his country. So that I lose. Too bad, I was unpleasant thought about it throughout the day, I can not find it anywhere, I ask this person to the other, up both forums to ask whether it was lost somewhere or not, but do not have a signal available to help me find it again. I’m sad. Sad temperate, sure. And then, again the charm, a sympathetic affection, love or not love, have a lot of feelings for a girl. She asked what I like, I say you may find buying him Sad, not Tropical and I tell the story I told you above. So she bought me, sent me, with all the love, and both a great sadness because soon after we separated.

As if fate I tied this book by the sadness of the past which never had too much fun for me. I remember her every time I take a book and read. But I never dared to say anything, I just thought, I will cherish this book, as regards a girl who loves me most of the ink, and I, just guys far into the main land of tourist’s mind, which leave behind the unforgettable feelings.

“I hate the trip you and adventurers”-Levis so book began. A sentence so famous that anybody when started reading all who enter it as a disambiguation to cling to when to go forward together Levis Strauss in his journey to the new world, meet the other, other peoples traversed, and storytelling. The book is the simple and sincere, a form of storytelling brought him in where we travel can not afford to but can visualize as if his own eyes see, and through that, we also know how to approach the problem Levis research on Ethnology, for which both this book want to talk to.

I also hate the travel book genre, it’s superficial and shallow, it was not enough to touch deep into the core of a land, it is just plain storytelling form, which I can find on google. It is not the type of the form as a guy wandering around and dropping to his soul to infuse into the soul of the city, and hear its heart is breathing, the heart of the people, the land and the secret hidden deep beneath which the eyes are not enough explored. Before going to France, a person he had told me that, I bear to live with the French to later write a work of something deeper about what I went through.But I think, I don’t feel like that, I hate the book journey to the capital, I also don’t think I should tell my life here, sometimes it’s boring and boring. breakers But the sad, sad loss Temperate for the exile. And as the tropical country upset that Levis was spent alone in that, I want and love to write about sadness, as a research about the lost mind species, expatriates, frivolity and insecurities as I am.

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[ Novel Review ] “La promesse de l’aube” (Romain Gary) – Unconditional love

“I used to be a happy ending of my mother.” – Gary Romain finished the autobiography “The promise of dawn” like her. It is true indeed, is a renowned writer, a brilliant diplomat, a true aristocrat, Romain Gary has turned all the longing of a special mother come true. Autobiography that not autobiographical, novel without proper novels, memoirs and even less than a memoir, “Promise at Dawn” is a great story with extremely casual tone that haul Roll, authentic but very lyrical, tells of his life that the protagonist emerges as a novel character, a character so close novel extremely honest. “Promise at Dawn” is a testament to a great personality, a writer of French origin but not carrying the full characteristics of a nation whose literature is always located at the peak of the world, to improve sliding, simple, full of philosophical and deeply humane. And perhaps in all the writings on the mother’s autobiography book written about the best mother, perhaps because the mother of Romain is a role model of maternal love.

There are many things feelings are identified on birth but perhaps nothing sacred motherhood. Because maternal love that a mother willing to do anything for me and sacrificed all for me that sometimes leads to extreme by the child never was big, always outstretched wings to give shelter , caring, always afraid of being marginalized, bullied, always losing their child but could not drop me in life. Mother full of writers have those characteristics of a mother’s love, but besides that, the way a woman is lonely, miserable, abandoned expressed motherhood and how she really upbringing Romain a special icon. How to love her strange child under the common understanding.

As a single woman, the poor, to cover everything bươn profession to make a living but not so that she let her son take disadvantaged in cognitive, educational disadvantage. France is a passionate enthusiast, always wanted to be a part of the French nobility, her head stuffed into his son the best picture dreamy, best of France, the country of Victo Hugo, of Rimbaud, the Minister De Gaulle. France out of her imagination is a precious foot country, the country of the most wonderful people, the best personality. What make it go with her ​​on her eyes a perfect safeguard mechanism term when her original life in Nice

South of France very difficult, or even when France defeated and surrendered to Germany, the the love blindly and ideal for France in her never lost. And the French – her hometown in the future it was to thrust, is the destination of the land of poetry, of nobility, of the true man to let her make a normal kid a famous individual. And it seems she was driven to her child in all sectors expect an attempt to find a natural accident that in their children to make it an outstanding individual, especially two areas of political and artistic. There are two things she wants him to become later an ambassador to France and a distinguished French writer. And Romain’s life is indeed a most evidence for the Buddhist karma. She wants her son to become so, but she did not sit still and prayed. Everything was she thoroughly outlines sometimes slightly exaggerated. To become an ambassador she taught her children the way of the elite, its treatment of women, how to speak and walk … the way her French nationality to children, then do everything profession to make a living but never to son disadvantaged, hungry for it, for it sees its mother needy, and she go to school officers and law school … And to be a writer, she always encouraged and as create favorable conditions for the children to be quiet to write, so the earnest desire to become a writer the reputation it represents a clear and strong that became an obsession for him.

“I feel must hurry, must quickly write a timeless literary masterpiece. Masterpiece which, when turned me into Tolstoy’s youngest all-time, will allow me to immediately offset the difficulties, struggling mother, honoring her life right. “.

The mother of Romain really a man planning genius, one who nurture and formed a talented person. A person turning their children into a desired pattern is probably live forever. – Maybe the way she wanted her son to conquer the most beautiful girl, the most noble, the most prestigious such a way to show success in the life of a real man really special. Not so that when Romain was the only person not be granted the rank of pilot training, he feared his mother’s frustration would make his mother collapsed and he had found a great reason, a reason can only think of one who understood all too well by his mother as yet. He said that his wife’s affair with the commanding officer should have been missed. And indeed, not only did not bother her, but proud, proud of his sons took the command that captured the affection of his wife. The way the mother wanted him to become a strong and masculine like a mirror image of the man but strong treachery gave her away many years ago has made ​​a daring Romain always do everything for women forthrightly and courageously. As a kid when you want to please her Valentine he was willing to eat everything to express themselves, to eat worms, butterflies, and even eat the shoes … I think back to the mother of Florentino Ariza, knowing my love Fermina Daza his son with the blind, is heartbroken, but she has always supported her son’s wounds whenever he talks into tears, mothers hugged children at heart without blame, did not revile the desperate love of their children, and I think the way that woman – the mother of nurturing love my son so very special, beyond sentiments often possessed of ego with the other mothers. – Romain by his energy, by astute in life, with a mother’s love fully, by understanding all the sacrifices his mother has great for him, he has done all that she wished her son achieved. Maternal love of two people has become as a role model in this life.

I have repeatedly seen this book and liked the cover of the book much, but just did not pitch her ​​purchase until you’re introduce a new favorite I made ​​decision to buy and read. And indeed his story had fascinated me completely, love his mother had for him is like a love child in an extreme way that my mother gave me, perhaps Regardless motherhood anywhere there is a common denominator that the only exception occurs because the geographical location, so different in terms of social awareness, several of the traditional values, and different circumstances of life. Romain’s mother truly unique and ideal, but afterall, in many other respects my mother really special and ideal, the way my mother became not situated in an ideal way my mother I created man with qualities as now, that’s the way mother dealing with people to make these children I look at and learn how people, the way my mother conceived the needy, to find ways to help, always sink in thinking to help someone or other, his life never cease to do the best thing for her baby, really ask the favor with my parents will understand my mother is special, and for me, my parents are the greatest people in my life. Maybe so I have a great affinity with Romain, and led me from a reader who loathe autobiography became intoxicated read this book. Having said that, but until now I still just a cotton coat who also do not become the “filial”.

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Think of “Moon Palace” (Paul Auster)

Reading is the bussiness that I don’t take much time for it, but I need takes a lot of time for thinking, not to think about the book, but think about life, about the accidental, the irony, the loop, about suffering, about people and about my lonely. Sometimes the grief and helplessness are also greater than the fate, we were born under the stars alone and forever troubled about his destiny.
The main character, Marco Stanley Fogg was in the uncertainties of life, from a child who did not know his father, lost his mother early, Marco does not know his past, everything is fuzzy, you live like the float for everything to come and go, so much so that nearly starved, living as a homeless feeding trash green day , he practiced Tuesday nihilism in an extreme level. I don’t want to go to work, so that only exist to limit the ensuing is death. The casually pulled him from the dead. As to how the world operates, this universe revolve, it revolves round to push him into things happen could not foresee.
The work is rich in quality of a film, that if we are perfectly differentiated collection of three stories, about three men, young guy to die of hunger but not dead, disabled him to change the name of his fate because of the things going to happen in the past that no one can know the real outside himself.In the disabled man, the indication Paul Auster subtly Interlocked to give me enough to feel it really never sure it’s real. Finally the story that Solomon Barber told in a novel that he wrote “blood of Kepler,” the hidden memory of his father has left him to go from baby to mess with what his ego.
Non-physical things continue to exist if we believe what we want to believe. If “the future is the Moon”, we believe in the nothingness, the things in the book of truth to astounded, the link between the three main characters, the unjustified links to infinity, the link to push back the world, just to exist within it, a causal chain.
Is the movie it has fascinating rhythms and storytelling. The point of the story button to open up other stories are very light, without hassle. We’re just caught up in that, in the unspeakable torments of my character, in the madness of his disability, and in the giant obesity body of Solomon Barber.
I really admired Paul Auster, his way to the character Nomad drifting in life with that too big, that cannot be the way out. Each of the characters considered as life is a test, to every person at the final limits of life and death, they escape the binding, freedom, and even live with nihilism to shallow life.
“But I have to work. The morning I woke up like people, and then I find a way to try to live a day longer. It’s a full time job, not a holiday drink cafe, no weekends, no bonus, no date. I have complained, he also see, but low wages too.