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“Creed” (2015) Movie – A truly man in the glory

In the American movies which were launched on the occasion last year to the Academy Awards to the Creed is a name worth watching for. Though Director Ryan Coogler didn’t like Quentin Tarantino, or Inarritu. But he scored his mark first impression of Fruitvale Station in 2013.

Creed is the story of the legacy movie chain about boxing legend Rocky Balboa, the fictional first debuts in 1976 in the film Rocky. After four decades of upper calyx, with quite a lot of episodes in a row together, Rocky has, on the other side of the peak of his career, he opened the restaurant, live alone, from the lights flash and the glory was buried about the past.

A look back at the journey of many of the episodes have had on Rocky Balboa, especially in the first episode, boxing is described not only in the aspect of high fixed bout, but also behind it was bitter and hard, daily life, the attempt to pass yourself in at the most collapse. Therefore, that boxing’s series about Rocky strange jewels, in which the computer man was pushed up in the highest levels of anger and tenderness, the emotion on the floor fight for the opponent and the sincere love for the wife, mistress. Try looking at the Rocky of 1976, a delirious man, being ironic laugh loud, I don’t know anything outside of boxing, until one day you know love, a love affair extremely beautiful, I always believe that is one of the most beautiful love of cinema.

Creed inherited a legacy as such, legacy from the “wild horse Italian” guy. In the Creed we just saw the front way to fit the modern world, as a very old man of a generation ago, an interesting transition, balance between young and old generations, between past glory and present glory. In the Creed is not the strong breeze by the win, but the struggle of one individual to want to escape the shadow of her father in the past, to building his career of Adonis’s Creed, a son of the legendary Boxer Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa, with many times the castle terrace. As sandhya charm-filled opponents with his debt, Rocky got training for Creed, who has always been obsessed about the glory of the father, and the inferiority of his own success.

And there, as well as the struggle of the Rocky are carried in her illness to win the fate, as well as to fire for the young generation to understand more about the value of life, the fighting, and the spirit to overcome the limits of his own to win.

I highly encourage you should see Rocky 1976 directed by John g. Avildsen, to see a movie about boxing can be beautiful and tender.

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“Creed” (2015) – The successor of the legendary boxer

Creed is the story of a legacy of the series of boxer Rocky Balboa fictional legend, who first debuted in 1976 in the film Rocky. After 4 decades Upper Castle, with pretty much all the movies consecutively, Rocky was old, the other side of the peak of his career, he opened the restaurant, their first live, away from the lights flash and glory around was buried on the distant past.

Looking back a lot of episodes of Rocky Balboa has had, especially first episode, boxing is described not only in terms of the battle over the high glove, but behind that is bitter and the everyday, difficult, effort surpass themselves at the worst time. Therefore, the boxing, which is typical of the Rocky film series strangely seductive, in which masculinity is pushed to the highest level of anger and tenderness, insensitivity on the ring for opponents and sincere love for his wife, lover. Try looking at the Rocky of 1976, a naive man, being sarcastic laugh, he did not know anything outside of boxing, until one day he knows love, a beautiful love immensely, I always believed it was a in the most beautiful love of cinema.

Creed inherited such a legacy, the legacy from the “Italian wild horses” guy. In the Creed we saw innovation to suit the modern world, and as a very old man of previous generations, an interesting transition, balance between the young and older generations, between glory around past and present glory. In the Creed is not to show off with the victory, but the struggle of an individual wanted to escape the shadow of the father in the past, in order to build for his career’s Creed Adonis, son of Apollo Creed boxing legend, who has the upper station with Rocky Balboa repeatedly. As gratitude opponents with his outstanding grace, Rocky has received training for Creed, who haunted the father’s aura, and self-deprecating about his own success.

And there, as well as the struggle of Rocky is carrying the disease to win the division, as well as to train the younger generation to better understand the value of life, the fight, and spirit to overcome limits himself to victory.

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Only Lovers Left Alive (1964) – The immortality of love

When the film and television drama filled with vampires, zombies, exploiting every aspect including love, apocalypse … what do we think that this topic is increasingly saturated and can hardly appeared a yet heavy enough to make the film feel more impressed and excited Only Lovers left Alive, the Jim Jarmusch’s appearance, completely reversed our thinking about Vampire genre. A rare film work truly enchanted with the beauty of the scene, the depth of the story and rich, funny, expression, great acting, and music is extremely interesting collage. Only Lovers Left immersed in Alive, in the darkness of life vampires, as we are immersed in the purity of the film, we live the same somnambulist over the centuries as the guys that never dies , nostalgic about the old time by yourself.

The story of two vampire Eve (Tilda Swinton) and Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is the last couple centuries, for whatever reason that is not explained, they live in two different cities, Detroit Adam also Eve at Tanger. Adam is a musician through each period to the beat of the times progress that he composed the corresponding category, at the present time, he had long hair, like men Electric Guitar collection, and composing music characterized Rock, a metal insdustrial format. Adam hated modern society, and haunted by its corrupt should live completely separate from the outside world, his only contact a single person is Ian (Anton Yelchin) – a young man making work in the music industry. And Eve was a bookie, has a huge knowledge of various fields, she was in the same city with Marlowe (John Hurt) – is also a vampire, a contemporary and real secret author of the works attributed to Shakespeare. All three of them are no longer suck blood directly from person to feed the body, they go to the doctor with the blood source of pure and clean to buy and feed themselves with the source of “food.” Adam and Eve’s relationship crossed centuries and still romantic sight. After a century not met, they decided to reunite. Eve went to Detroit to visit Adam. There, they met up with his sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska) is full of wild Eve, Adam always had a hostile attitude and want to stay away.

Is a vampire movie, but no scenes of horror, gore, and mysterious circumstances. Jim Jarmusch gives us a different perspective, simpler and much more subtle. These vampires are not the bloodthirsty ambition, their capital is still always be artists and musicians, who hide in the shadows create art, but they always have the paradox of existence works his own creation. Adam just wants his work to the world just afraid that fame will kill his writings. He brought his music to Schubert without thinking of demanding his name on the works of Schubert. Always said that my music as music in the cemetery, but when I heard his music was smuggled out in a certain way and be playing somewhere, I do not see the anger that is just the calm to humble an artist who hated life full of things outside the person he called zombie (undead). In the first half of the film, in the dark, Jim Marmusch with Yorick Le Saux cameraman gradually through beautiful scenes where each scene like a collage, take us into the world of vampires, the condensation of time and the nostalgic.

Human world is full of postmodern disease, people in the eyes of Adam just menacing hordes of zombies. Exactly so they are no longer directly drink human blood again. At this point, the pure blood like opium in their dose. Memorable scene in the first film, when the three vampires drink blood sip of pure, high above the camera placed directly turned down all three seats are reclining on various disaster sites. Camera spin, or is the rhythm of the music amid revelations of pleasure, surge in their hearts. The film which has brought in his order face a bizarre but charming, cold but my heart beats shield fast rhythms and full of life .. The film is no longer simply about the vampire movie half. Indeed, if it merely considered that these vampires are humans, blood is opium, we will naturally see a portrait of anti-social people, immersed in their own world, to live, to passion, to love, to escape the brutal world out there.

When Eve and Adam met, the film draws us imagine to “Before sunset” to “Midnight in Paris”. In which two people love each other, talk about a bygone era, the names they knew in the past. With extended life out of this century through another century, knowledge of the sea so much as Eve, and with each trip Car nighttime walk with Adam, they were on the old place, was not there, was destroyed in a modern world full of rotting. Eve starts with memory and his knowledge, image reconstruction there, giving it the memories and turn it into beautiful memories of art, beauty has been destroyed. They, in their ardent love, draws us in with familiar names, sometimes I was startled to realize they were talking about someone, their name identical to the name of the people said. Eve also known as Daisy Buchanan, the heroine of the novel “The Great GASBY” and other names, such as Fibonacci, Faust … I always thought, none of us have ever seen in modern times inept want to be born in another era, the romantic era, period lighting, golden era … Therefore, the film brings a special empathy for what went past was the past, once very beautiful. Through the love story of two vampire, Jim Jarmusch has really put us in a haunting visualization of beauty. Also love beautiful things, we are really living, not merely survive, and how two immortals other screen is done.

The combination of Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston really extremely unique and one can hardly think of. An actress with acting extremely diverse and outstanding and a handsome actor, there are a lot of fans do not come from the difficult role, he is like a dude, in the smile full of charm and charisma. Perhaps because of such a great combination of phase which brings a couple of lovers will be talked about a lot of the beauty, the pure and as Jesse and Celine immortal, like Joe and Clementine or many other romances cinema.

As the title of the film, Only Lovers Left Alive – The only people who will live forever, their love, in the dark, in the weak or strong, in the division or reunion, it extends from the world this century through another century. And not only that, they also saw their passionate love in the couple love each other, in the subtleties of music, life, so they last as the guys in the world to know that eternal love what. They passed immortality to others, the end of the film, is the endless connection of love, of beauty in the world of fine leg.

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Locke (2013) – Turning back the world to fix the mistakes

In 2012, out of a limousine, Leos Carax director has made one of the year’s best movie: Holy Motors. On limousine that a man plays many different roles to give us an overview of the problems of contemporary society, taking the car to do the narrative, the story outward car door continuously relayed to me the objective perspective on life. 2014, directed by Steven Knight put also put a man in a BMW luxury. But other than a limousine with the door always open, BMW is closed, no one out on the man that drove 85-minute film, his only brother, the phone attached directly to the vehicle, said conversation via speaker. He solved the crisis of his life, only himself and his own problems. No flashback footage, film linear run-time of the journey on a BMW that. So what took me 85 minutes to sit around during only to see a man talking on the phone in my car?

That man is Locke, a British made foreman at a large construction company with headquarters in Chicago – USA. A man dedicated to work, almost never make mistakes, always respecting others. “He is the best that Britain”, a subordinate he said. You’re going to monitor the project and operating the largest concrete pour in Europe with a value of up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Not only hard work, he was a man who loved family get out of ink. The two boys were waiting for me on the football, and his wife really loved though not as well dressed in the team he likes, go buy beer and do something to wait for his return. So he decided to leave it all, go to the point where he says to the worst of his life filled with suffering, but also assertive, to repair faults that previously had made his father did not dare opposite.

The film reminds me of the work of The Clown German writer Heinrich Böll, a clown in the worst moments of his life, were calling everywhere looking for help to get him out of the distress but also through which, the disintegration of social relationships is revealed. Of course that is just a reference in terms of image, not relevant in terms of story content, because Locke fully control their own decisions in the face of tragedy, or ignore it to live on the pretty normal life of him.

Movie opening scene takes place at a construction site, men in suits climbed workwear his car and drove off. Since then, the only man to appear on the screen, the camera is placed in multiple locations, inside the car, outside the car, but they all focus and concentrate on Locke and the vehicle. Staying in a narrow context, only occasionally leaning out to take in the light of cluster frame surrounding vehicles, traffic signal lights … Viewers will feel cramped and pumpkin painting as yourself so sitting in the car. The comforts of a luxury BMW does not make the main character more comfortable, or more reassuring viewers to continue to watch the film. Script brilliantly concise, beyond the curiosity sparked suggestive situations also, of course, also starring great to be able to be managed in such set ups.

Steven Knight cleverly installed in phone calls to colleagues, with his wife, son, with whom he had come to see the traces, clues to understanding the story has been started as yet, and he was chosen for its ending it. It is torn by a man whose childhood was incomplete because absent father. In the three most important things a person’s life: family, career and personal, he has decisively chosen to go straight to where he knew would bury career and family destroyed his happiness .

To mention the mistake, who then will make a mistake. And even if it is only wrong, it’s still something too large, his wife said, between a mistake and no mistake is an infinite distance. Indeed, one hundred good thing not a bad thing erased. We must choose how to compromise with the fact that to find a way out for his mistakes. Most people would choose burial goes wrong if there is a good life, happy and rich life as Locke. But only a few people like Locke dare to face the truth, not hiding, ready to receive the consequences.

He has never regretted his decision? Tears when talking to his son that Dad is home, I think, is the tears of regret, but regret the mistake in his past. A single mistake and now he is paying the price too expensive to repair it. The film does not mention the latter part of his life to Locke, and we wondered what would happen, then everyone will think to yourself scenario, depending on how we assess his behavior in this case. Locke-b3

Ingenuity in handling script for the film has created a tense atmosphere but charismatic, and demonstrated real talent by Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is the actor best known role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises 3 of Christopher Nolan, and some other role in the Warrior (2011), Lawless (2012), but they only show us he is an actress secure with multiple personalities, but still inclined to shoulder more rounded. But Ivan Locke withers, I really believe he is a talent, a potentially diverse incarnation, with sharp inner depth and extremely attractive. Really, to express the psychology of a man facing the greatest tragedy of his life is not easy, man also must calm to handle the job over the phone, must have the courage to tell wife the truth, against conscience, as well as our sins. Tom Hardy is not only done, but done very well. Portrait of Locke appeared extremely sharp, with a calm voice, abstinence, melancholy face, and sometimes tears in his eyes.

Assertiveness is one thing, an agent is that the past, that’s his motivation to do what you think is right. The past of the father only when he was 23 years old. He did not understand his father scolded him and lifetime. But in a moment, silence expensive that he stopped to think, I believe I understand why. And then, I really did think he’ll be back. No phone footage that makes me appreciate more about the Locke.

The more mature the more we take on more responsibility, not only to the family and society, but also to himself. The more responsibilities, mistakes become more severe. But the important thing is how we handle them. And when they make a decision, we have dared to follow that decision to the end or not? Steven Knight has ambition but also exquisite when telling an interesting story with a simple context as possible. And it succeeded. A bold cinematic works, pure, are enjoying and getting to the praise worthy.

Ps: When watching movies or simple as this, I always think of the Vietnam drama too poor in ideas and lack of real actors. That’s sad.

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“Youth” (2015) – Youth and old age through the story of the gentleman

Paolo Sorrentino’s a middle-aged guy like doing movies about old age. However, this is not any old age, not the small-town identity, marginalized lives, the loser – a character he colleague Alexander Payne favored. Paolo Sorrentino’s film about old age these gentlemen, those of the elite, who won the crowning glory of his youth.

Fame, fortune, wisdom … is what they pursue while at age 20. But late in life, when I have all these things in hand, how people feel about life? They have not satisfied? That seems to be the question that interested Sorrentino.

At the very successful work earlier as The Great Beauty, Sorrentino tells the story of journalist Jep Gambardella, 65. Jep drilling wise, sober, elegant but bored with life and always looking around La Grande Bellezza a (great beauty). The film gives Sorrentino an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award in the category of “foreign language film best.”

Youth have many similarities with The Great Beauty. The new film tells the story of the old couple Fred and Mick went resort a luxury hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred is a composer, bandleader famous now retired. Mick is a film director, had helped many actors and Oscar-winning light flashed. Both went through a long peak period. But if Fred accept the truth and just want to live with their fate, then Mick has worked tirelessly to create “a life work.”

Despite the differences in personality, Fred and Mick are very close. They observed the young, quirky communities in the resort, joining the sweepstakes, the lovers prowling in the woods, sometimes fighting, sometimes in agreement. The audience witnessed old friendships, sometimes laugh because few details of humor, sometimes dumbfounded because touching.

“When you’re young, everything looks so close. That is the future. When you are old, everything looks so distant. That is the past”. Past heavy on the shoulders of those who entered the “twilight” of life. Youth illustrious stayed behind, we have to find a reason to live and survive. Some changes to adapt, others accept satisfied, people living rely on the past, an obstinate self-deception himself. Each one a different behavior when traveling on the end of life.

Youth have a slow rhythm, pleasant and not too difficult to see. The film has great moments as the scene Fred commanded a language Symphony cow sounds, bells, birds fly … – the rich sound of nature. In another scene, Mick saw all the characters in the movie that he had directed and appeared in the pasture. The audience will also enjoy the sight of Fred and Mick and tree cover stalking another person or the same thing gaped at the sight of a beautiful nude girl crawled down the pool. Always have a little dialogue witty film to the audience laughed, somewhat suggestive reflection.

Youth gathered a dream cast. Michael Caine, Jane Fonda and Rachel Weisz have won acting Oscars. Harvey Keitel has also received a nomination.

Michael Caine after a period of professional plays supporting roles in blockbusters like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Interstellar, series The Dark Knight, Inception … finally have a central role in an art film. He plays the bandleader Fred Ballinger – a gentleman, felt commotion, emotion-rich but very little to show it. Caine plays with a great poise.

Jane Fonda appeared briefly but leave the impression intense as beautiful woman Brenda autumnal Morel. This role makes her the candidates for the title of “Outstanding Supporting Actress” Oscar of next season.