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Origins Vitazing SPF15 ( Colour Moisturizer)

As far as  you know I am on the path of reign make-up to give the skin a rest re-bounded after a fairly long time cursed by background ice cream, BB cream, chalk makeup. However, the right is pretty familiar right, now look at the rustic side looked confident banter, so finding a type of sunscreen or […]

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Cushion IOPE (C21) Review

This round I saw many people looking to buy Cushion compliment and so I also want to try IOPE a Cushion supposedly more advanced Laneige (although the manufacturing conglomerate Paciffic Amore). I chose the C-Cover of Iope are advertising agencies that have better coverage N-Natural line. This line is the C21 and C23 2 colors. […]


“Show off” my Eyebrow pencils

In many previous articles I have said unto you is extremely or buy cosmetics, but I mainly buy Skincare, makeup base (BB cream, Foundation), most still are lipstick, and makeup utensils my eyes are extremely small purchase. Just because I do not know the makeup for eyes, more than the face I do not understand […]



Hi everyone, I was back with the article review as the regular after two horrible busy week, not having taken a little bit of time to take pictures and write reviews as always, even though this December I buy pretty much new. Speaking through a little bit about my winter skin (starting from November, the […]