My July and some of the new arrivals

Hello everyone, as my usually habbit in between July, I’ll post a brief introduction about the food I bought in May. Interesting fact that in July I bought a little more, mainly son including some new paint style Hot Teen Korean as Peripera Peri’s, in addition to have a kind of lip Peripera is that […]


New Forum: Show off the beauty skincare products

I’ve bought a lot of products for skin skincare but his kinky hardly absorb nutrients as their skin, plus the kind of oily skin and acne-prone so most of creams and serums made me uncomfortable picture secret, so my recent Skincare Routine simply cleaned – (lightweight moisturizer in winter) – sunscreen daily; when there are […]


List of goods in June

It’s also quite a long time since I wrote about the new products, because of last year’s time period (more than half a year must also then) I do not buy many cosmetics on a round enough to make the new product a breeze. These days, more mature in the procurement and (hic 33, has not […]


List of goods in November – 2015

Today is 14-11, which means that almost half of the month, it seems too early for me to do an article for the purpose of “showing off” to you about the items I bought in May 11. honest with you Join my computer can not give up, and one more thing I order but not […]