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[ Sunscreen Review ] Avene Lotion – SPF50 +

It can be said that many Vietnamese women do not really pay attention to sunscreen lotion as a mandatory step (including himself), they often take the view that when a new sun to apply the IP. But according to the skin for skin care specialist or dermatologist, the sunscreen is required daily, even when cloudy […]


Cleaning products for skin – Cleanser

Makeup remover and cleanser equally important, cleanser helps remove the dirt on the skin, makeup remover is also important to clean the makeup residue, excess oil, dirt … on the skin. Here I would like to give some objective assessment of these products are useful in cleansing. 1. Cleanser Hazeline technology: This type is so […]


Cleaning products for skin – Makeup removal

It is confirmed that the cleaning is an extremely important step and have a big role in determining the effectiveness of skin care process. Whether or not you have makeup makeup, environmental dust, stale or contaminated air sitting room all day, you still have to clean your skin twice a day to get up in […]