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The Malay’s Journey – Part 3: Langkawi “Eagle wing glide across the coast”

When I sit on the bus out to the Penang airport to Langkawi, I think that I surely would return to Penang.

Maybe I still haven’t tasted the whole Penang street food, My cycling is not far enough out into the neck. A little dismay stagnate because of the cruise ticket has set. Everyone asked why I don’t go to the ship from Penang to Langkawi which chose aircraft.

I don’t know, maybe because I am afraid of feeling the difference in such waters on the countering of tranquility during the three hours. May I know, I will also go a long journey on the ship and then finally back home … Flights from Penang to Langkawi in less than 25 minutes is the shortest flight I ever go.

People talk about the jewel of Langkawi in Kedah, its too much going to do I imagine an island shimmering under the Sun is the Prince of the paradise dimension. But maybe it just is nowhere the heavens with a population of grinding shops, by everything in Langkawi are tax free.


In Langkawi I caught the lives of the youth of Malaysia, an island of the wealthy, where they can freely drive Super car along the horizontal, spend money comfortably in the Trade Center, eating in expensive seafood restaurant.

To Langkawi, I don’t hesitate to supermarket handbags a bag full of beer, the most luxury in Malaysia, which during the cruise from Singapore to this land, I not once dared to cover most of the hooks.

The nights in the wooden room overlooking the garden on the island is the night I sleep most soundly. I don’t have to worry tomorrow I will catch the bus to move, time out, visit the. I plan for the peaceful sea bath on Langkawi, a break before continuing on to Thai soil. Langkawi Island is composed of 99 Islands, making the Mainland 30 km but close to the Thai border.

I have dreams about long white sand beaches, but the stuff I get in Penang is the rare stone, sand island, beach, not very many monkeys, eagles, squirrels. They are everywhere, in hotels, in addition to the coast, the tourist island. Interesting is that you can see the sea warning “Not to eat monkeys, do not damage them” everywhere on the island.

The name Langkawi is the combination of two words: “Lang” and “Kawi” is. “Lang” is from Malaysia, in from Eagle, i.e. the helang. In the past, this archipelago is home to countless Eagles. Today, there are still some islands have more Eagles and is a favourite destination of tourists.

Tun Mohamed Zahir scholar in his book The myth of Langkawi (The Legends of Langkawi) back to that name from the Langkawi India ancient Sanskrit; where “langka” is beautiful and “wi” is extremely.

I found this island has something similar to HA Long Bay in Vietnam, in scenery, geological formations as well as culture. Difference of Langkawi is probably the herds of Red Brown, Black Eagle swooping down the river picked up fish and squid by visitors throwing out.

The island’s history is tied to the name of a woman who was executed because of suspected crime committing adultery, which is Mahsuri. According to the curse of Mahsuri, a row for seven generations, this island is always at war, conflict. The war over, the peaceful return of the Sultanate period of Kedah. Off to England, Siamese finally Langkawi also be peace when Malaysia was awarded the British independence.

Morning, I stand in front of the hotel waiting for the car of the private tourism companies to catch yourself visiting the main island, fishing, watching eagles, monkeys eaten … The tourist information desk steeped on the main street of the beach of Pantai Cenang, I easily choose yourself a cheap tour from the night before.

The tourists mainly domestic tourists, China, Muslim countries. Islamic culture makes the beaches of Langkawi more quietly, even at night. No fire dance, the bar is open throughout the night as the island in Thailand, which is a mere 45 minutes away by boat.

Tourists (except solo and the water is not under Islamic culture) to the little island. Usually only a few Muslim women wore the hijab, a headscarf, some raw land into the ocean fun. They just wear bikini in traditional dress.

In the expensive tour do not prioritize the sea bath, I was visiting the beautiful island of Langkawi, but the beach was quite disappointing. They focus the walking bridge to tourists strolling in sight of the sea, making the roads around the caves. The middle of the island, through a lot of steps such as the climb to mount, and then step down, I caught a Blue Lake falls in between.

Almost 500 km2 in Langkawi, an island quite big, but there is no public transportation. Want to move, you can hire a self-drive car, super car, motorbike.. or take a taxi. Taxis in Langkawi had fixed prices for long, for example from the airport about Pantai Tennang I buy a ticket at the information desk, and so on up the taxi. Kuah, in the southeast corner of the island, is the main town and is also home to the ferry, is home to traders of the Chinese traders, and is the administrative centre of the island economy.

Last days in Langkawi, I stood in line to buy train tickets, from the sea, I continue on to other beaches, island, in a country long and far more other named Thailand.

Useful information

Moved: From Vietnam, there are so many airlines have direct flights to Malaysia as Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines … From the capital Kuala Lumpur you can ride to Melaka (150km), and then from Melaka can fly to the island of Penang, Langkawi.

Or you can go back to the capital, bay walk on Penang, Langkawi, or can also use senior coach to save costs. From Saigon, now have the modern route Baru, the largest city in southern Malaysia.

The weather: As close to the Equator so the weather here is pretty hot, the average temperature from 20-30oC. However, similar to most countries in Southeast Asia, often less sunshine in the monsoon season from November to February every year, Malaysia is not affected by the rain storm as the East so you can travel around in the rain, tạnh quickly.

The typical attractions in West Coast is: Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi

Items to bring: When traveling in Malaysia so bring light, airy clothes, especially the cotton substance, sea bathing. If the high mountains or plateaus, the need to bring the thin sweater or jacket is thin because here the sky is usually chilly in the evening. You also remember to bring sunscreen or small umbrellas, mosquito cream is essential.

Unit of currency is the Malaysian Ringit Malaysia (RM). Rm1 spent the equivalent of 7,000 USD. The cost of living in Malaysia is the acceptable prices, not higher than the common ground travel Vietnam.Of the 10-day trip of mine off about 10 million.

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The Malay’s Journey – Part 2: Penang “Fading memories”

The last day’s ride from Penang to Melaka at 11 p.m. departure. I tried to go for a late flight to save yourself a night in the hotel. But the night sleep not sleep on her chair round caused to my boring…

They didn’t give me the car when Ben because I buy the ticket through the ticket agent, the ticket code is not the same with tickets they sold to passengers. A mistake in this trip is already too careful: buy tickets in advance via the ticket agent, to the ticket was more expensive. Dripping forever I was in the car after running upside down at night to seek help of the ticket, which all receive a denial. I thought being left between the night bus to Melaka.

Until you wake to find yourself are going on long bridges from the Mainland connect to the island, I was assured that I was to Penang. Ancient eyes, I agreed in a “self serving” with mini rooms, bunk beds of iron in the heart.

In Malaysia, this form was quite popular, i.e. upon rent, the landlord will delivered to you room key, you in a bed in the room has four beds. Go open courses, including the major gateway, no employees for the duration of stay, and the information in the reception, daily they cleaned. This form of accommodation is very convenient because it is usually located in the main streets, cheap, only about 12-15 RM/people in one night.

Penang, the ancient city with the works of the British muốt towards white, bright color in the mist of romance soon. I love Penang than not in the graffiti appeared all over the place, nor in the butterfly farm, snake pagoda or the long beach in the wondrous green.


I love Penang heritage city because of the Georgetown Center is spacious enough and easy to love, so tourists can spend 2 days around, sometimes stopping the vehicle roadside vendors selling food, cheap drinks. Penang street food made to echo phảng taste of the Hong Kong Food and mixed bit colours of Hindu cuisine.

I came to Penang on Friday, not blessed with a lot of the mosque in the old city closed, not to serve the tourists. Penang’s specialty is the Church of a lot of alternating religious, live in harmony on the island. The only common point of the Islamic architecture, Hinduism, Christianity in Penang is white crystalline appearance, that when approaching, you just scared myself touching will do the dirty walls.

The dust of time also cover up the old town. Country Malaysia small did not know how the times were divided into five rips seven well just because the Strait of Melaka, where important trade ships and military ships.

When the Chinese discovered the island, they named it as Pulo Pinang (areca fruit)-a large islands uninhabited. To the 18th century, the island was occupied by English colonists.

The white of the Penang near as the city with the MITRE recovered the development of municipalities, they tried to preserve the identity and value of Chinese cultural interference, local and foreign, as a way of developing tourism. Penang is not ancient, but it has something fresh of an island trying to preserve the value of heritage for posterity. I like living in Penang, how nice the people are enthusiastic guide when I pedal out the downtown Club, the way they poured me a cup of warm tea when I stand in front of their porch rain.

When the Europeans to colonize this land, they call these natives are the guys of color, those eating the feathers in the hole when eating by hand and do everything by hand. They out exploitative power the guys of color in plantations, construction sites. Perhaps because of the enduring, which I saw in the eyes of the people of Penang have a sincerity. Fears about the men and origin of Islam seemed to disappear.

The Indian zone is separate from the typical buildings in Penang, I easily find by aroma and smell the surroundings warm spice up from the markets. Clothes, jewelry, food products are sold all over the place. Muslim restaurant before noon Friday, hundreds of people patiently queued waiting to serve.They have just returned from the ceremony in a church to Islam. The showy of the streets in the Indian opposition to zones of white and covered with MOSS on the wall of the House in Chinatown.

Shrimp-you am I right, people easy to love in Penang, by here there must be a way to have the name of love (Love St.) is located right in the old town with the lovely Cafe, sunny balcony off the road, the cheap hotel beautifully decorated for backpackers, the souvenirs sold exquisite craft …


I have found a New married name streets (Just Married) with the dilapidated buildings are gradually being vandalize go to new construction. There are too many abandoned houses in Penang, Melaka-like, but also those who do not have a decent roof to live through the day. That’s life!

Not knowing is not limping, when people call the old Georgetown is the city and the island of Penang heritage bearing the name “the Pearl of the Orient”. A legacy there where lapping, there are ups and downs from time to time how it will forever be the legacy, it just became an old thing goes, the more ancient rather than into a jewel.

Penang owns the large nature reserve, butterfly farm is a travel specialty that nobody ever came here not to visit. I was probably the rare guys don’t enjoy things, such as not wanting to spend time with white sand beaches, sunny yellow but visitors wearing bikinis stroll around public beach.

The nation of Islam, although there are allowed to wear nothing but a girl would feel not comfortable to know there’s thousands of eyes looking at me. The world of Islamic women is behind the headscarf. Compared to the harsh Muslim countries in the Middle East, women in Malaysia are also far more luck, at least they don’t suffer from social restraint in the hijab black from head to toe, every pair of eyes openings only.

The architectural works such as the Kek Lok Si Buddhist temple situated on a hill in the North with interference between the architecture culture and the other cultures. Holy Temple Church, Form clans Khoo Kongsi, the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion of Chinese Buddhist pagodas, Thailand Wat Chayamangkalaram. created for the old Penang cultural values, and harmony without losing the original identity.

In the evening, on the small streets, the roadside cafes rows become crowded, busy. The Penang people there eating habits at home, maybe because they’re busy. But I think because of the tasty street food and comfort. People can eat all the delicious dishes in the world at Penang, but popular snacks such as hokkien mee, rice soup, wonton, wheels, tea vessel, sendo phớ … are in Penang.


Malaysia Porridge….

Well as you can go trekking, climbing, picnicking, swimming, surf … in Penang. The main geographic peculiarities of that diversity has brought to this island a culinary nuances.

Must say Malaysia is the country do travel very well, not natural incentives them too much, nor too long legacy, but when prompted to Malaysia, who also knew the name, Melaka, Penang, Langkawi, Kinabalu … And those who are curious about the culture as me, willing to spend a lot of time to experience.

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The Malay’s Journey – Part 1: Mekala “the sleepy city”

Sometimes in life, we have the process repeated, that don’t understand why I have to go back on the old way.

When I packed my luggage for leaving Vietnam, I don’t know if I’ll go the answer one way ticket to Singapore, nowhere for backpackers. Maybe because it’s the country I first put his foot steps out in the world, is the country that I’ve ever dreamed of touching from the students, and then go right when the area of copy enough 100 USD to buy a round-trip ticket.

I started the journey from Singapore, but doesn’t wallow in glorious places in the city centre, which is very far away, out near the border with Malaysia, where the sanctuary is to walk the path of pristine forest with leaving feet because walking more than 40 km. Companion none other is wild monkeys.

Of all the things happening in Singapore has made me think, maybe I will go by road to Malaysia, in their biggest lunar new year day. I used reservations before Friday named Islamic religion, so why not once return to the country that has ever gone a lot, and consider it as a transit point of boring?Fireworks lit up the night up in the Indian zone is last night I reserved for multiethnic Singapore.

A friend of Indian descent was very tight and I fist proposed are hugged me on the day I set foot into the modern land Baru where border of Singapore and Malaysia.

Take long car trip I left Laskin bus, more than anyone, I look forward to putting away real fast, from the modern-Baru, from the boos, touted the new hand of the strange man.

“The Sleepy City”


I came to Melaka on a late afternoon, small city after the rain looked poor to Vancouver stay tuned.All that cheese, the xập music in Melaka swamp of the car passenger set blue flower-filled can not hide sadness was apparently of a municipality are being deserted River chemistry.

I still remember reading a certain book says about the Strait of Melaka, just the name only well enough to do awesome cloud of trade ships each visit by pirate. The thriving urban performance, crowded chaos suddenly become a peaceful, romantic weekend tourists. Someone praising Melaka is the Venice of the East. I looked down the River, seemingly the point chisel are buckling themselves up for the ships carrying tourists to surf on, suddenly found sad. Or because the place was for the sad like always to Venice?

Time has tinted on the monuments in Melaka, Malaysia’s oldest city. Time also brought to cover the transformation of ups and downs for the piece of land attached to the mausoleum, tattoos. On the banks of the River, the city is divided into two East-West Coast, that when going through it, you are not observant will never know where is the mark of the Netherlands, of Portugal, by the British.

War and looting incidents makes people gradually left the capital. The Indian descent living in a secluded neighborhood across the River on the other, while the Chinese cling to the old city back to living, serving tourists. St. Pauls, A’Famosa left piles of ruins, the ruins. Maybe the Red Church is the most intact structures, the largest in Melaka that anyone visiting the legs must also keep a photo.

Not just the city of Melaka I call sleep. To stay here, to go all the way along the alley in the old town new horizontal understand why I call this place like that. By this very near the capital Kuala Lumpur, tourists of the day usually comes from 2 pm and leave at 5 pm rush to catch the last bus.

The famous restaurant selling chicken rice tea, sendo … well not until 2 pm started cleaning up stores, opening the door. Those who stay longer is usually a population of backpackers, the couple loved the quiet, they sit in apathy over cups of coffee, waiting for night.

I thought that this place was very busy back, when recognized as world cultural heritage in 2008 but then it becomes tedious as now when the traders left because no business interest. A municipality may not rich if it slept like Melaka? A municipality can have fun not if laughter said only busy half when afternoon came and all in silence, as the River are silently out to sea? Melaka only fun when last week, and then every second to, afraid to sleep status back as old. The kiosk closed deep the deserted house Moss, who shoes left outside. There are too many things left in this place, though in the past was very far away.

Vietnam workers to Malaysia was very much, in many forms. They do rent out these workshops, cafes, bakery … all over the country to Islam. I easily with a few fellow in his journey. The life of people hard, they squeeze their labour power to earn money to send back home to feed his family.

One of them told me: “we go overseas, then we fucking, and then the gauge, live, go where fear also hit my chui arrested”. When I enter Malaysia, customs is not easy for a young girl traveling alone like me. After 15 minutes of distorted upside-down, see all the papers related to the trip that I present, they give me the new entry.

Theft victims always raging Melaka, holiday home in front of me in the picture, the thief was warning stickers for travelers know. On the old walls also have similar pictures. Whether people have painted, adorn this brilliant how much capital, then the stain patchy also never hid.
The journey along the Straits of Melaka-States 1: City ‘ sleep ‘-Photo 7 in Melaka, doves outnumber people

The colors in the picture that I record something u sad, like the people trying to make fun music xập swamp in Melaka from passenger cars across the city. And between the buried quietly, somewhere in the hundreds of pigeons flock to stand thẫn Church, in the peace of Melaka.

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Lao’s Trip – The splendor of nature

The Lao people is surely give the thanks to the nature because It has bestowed the great gift for Vang Vieng and that’s the reason why the visitors from all over the place when exploring the Indochina who are pouring in.

From Luang Prabang, I take the bus down to Vang Vieng. Count out the party bus price in Laos more side Vietnam suffered much, sure do this party all petroleum imports. Vang Vieng from Luang Prabang way of just over 200 km but runs it takes 6 hours because of the way very … horror.

This party ticket normally always meals for guests. I thought I had a meal as glutinous rice rice with grilled meat or sausage that genus, but not all. In fact, the meal at car stop roadsides just a bowl of noodle soup pots and simple rice noodle soup and vegetable salads include a saucepan be bring from pot to rather than have the flesh. Let’s also try that swallow for strength to endure the next ramp suffering remains with the desire for mau mau to Vang Vieng!


And then I finally to Vang Vieng afternoon halfway between green and sunny Sun in truth. Vang Vieng dusty welcomed us by the wonderful smile of Lao people friendly. I have booked accommodation at cheap Jammee not far from the Center should catch the tuk tuk to go there.

Go play cheap backpacking tourism would save and stay also do for cheap. I am satisfied with the accommodation themselves have chosen. Just for one night, for a 35USD rooms to five people in, always eat breakfast. The bed mattress was very soft, with air conditioning. He doubled home reception, chef, staff run the table … great fun, help visitors wholeheartedly. However, accommodation is not in the Center but not far. Walking, cycling is slightly to the right.

Vang Vieng is a tiny mountain town located on the South line of beautiful Song. In my opinion, Vang Vieng is beautiful thanks to the shallow river as this spring. Plus the mountains ranges undulating soi themselves down the line South Parallel to the far far away after deep blue fields.


At the new car on the main road, I don’t recognize anything with Vang Vieng both because of how cluttered homes, roads don’t have trees but also dust nhớp nhúa along with sunny chang chang hotness. However, after the Express store fixtures is done, come out and rented bicycles to explore Vang Vieng then started to gradually realize the beauty of Vang Vieng. The beauty she had started from sunset light on the South line of beautiful Song.

Vang Vieng steeped visitors most is this place customers because of the price of Western backpacks cheaper Luang Prabang and has more game for travelers interested in exploring backpack. None of these restaurants, luxury 5-star resort for people who have money. Vang Vieng majority just normal diner overlooking the Nam Song River. These cheap hostels, budget hotels, rustic bars are present everywhere.

Only with the river and the mountains that Lao people have made for a strong name Vang Vieng on the sites, Journal of travel. To visitors all over the place who came to Laos as well want to visit here.Many people including me have mind-blowing Vang Vieng si went so had to change the schedule to stay more days with Vang Vieng.

Sunset in Vang Vieng was beautiful, pure in ban mai Vang Vieng back more and more beautiful. So is in the mountains so early tomorrow in Vang Vieng se se conditioning. The cold is not spherical smooth very smooth bones “has”. The Sunshine Band gently through the roof, the tranquil coconut to drop the drop of real gold soothe down the line South Parallel and distant mountains. All create a serene morning landscape extremely beautiful to the giddy as I have from people out looking not bit bored as hell.

Vang Vieng also the monks go real qifu gangui but not as much as in Luang Prabang and also not “suffer” as loath as in Luang Prabang. They walk slower, a lot more relaxed.

Vang Vieng attracts visitors with the game on the seemingly very ordinary river but is very famous specialties. Tubing is probably the game that many players that also is simple easy to play for. Just as you will lie on the buoy and then drop by the drifting of the Nam Song River line to see the Sun in sight of land, to the cool water soothe the body that forget all the sadness of life. Then you just think of the beautiful outdoor Sun cloud Vang Vieng.

I don’t know anybody who has known how to take advantage of the Nam Song lines or so. Just as the water’s drift raised both the town of Vang Vieng. Most played games there is kayaking, tubing on the river is also interesting. The more adventurous can bungee jump games from on high just for people like the feeling of strength, not weakness.

Those who do not like to play the games he can dip in the cool waters of the Nam Song River, or wandering the restaurants on the banks to enjoy the dishes of Elephants along the delicious taste of Lao beer bottle deep ecstatic description of difficulty to add energy to the trekking , hike in the Woods.

Cycling around the banks of the Nam Song River or go into the villages, paddy fields and beyond is the cave … also the enjoyable experience. Lush fields looming the Buffalo herd, cows are grazing or clustered each top Lao children fun bath where the slopes of the River below the bamboo green dust falls down to the water suddenly reflected his evokes a feeling very close.

The Lao people to say thanks to nature has bestowed the magical gift of Vang Vieng to shifang visitors from all over the place when exploring the Eastern Ocean are pouring in.

Farewell Vang Vieng beautiful that I see wearing the rịn too. OK then bye Vang Vieng and will keep that feeling of wearing the rịn, yet he still had a chance to completely back to Vang Vieng second Add. ..

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Myanmar’s Trip – The answers for my secrets

In my memories four years ago, Myanmar is the land of the secrets, the golden triangle, have not been exempt from visa, like to go from this region to other regions only how to fly, have tried it Bangan with thousands of ancient temples, there are the people kick sailing over the vast Inle Lake , the longest teak bridge in the world is the place to sit watching beautiful sunset …

And four years later, when I type a keyword search on Google, Myanmar a million results appear to share articles and pictures of those who have been to Myanmar. The experience of travel, accommodation, sleeping … extremely detailed. In the beginning I thought read more will rebel, just choose a schedule just like his intentions for doing “guideline” for the trip is going to be OK.

We are going khồi Myanmar tickets with 2.8 million per person, about 1/3 cheaper than the normal fare. Now to the Myanmar does not need to apply for a visa as before, take exit procedure passport, immigration at the airport is very easy, fast. As far as experience has read, many people recommend a reservation any services to be good, there are guides, shuttle when arrived. However, do like to explore a bit of adventure, so we decided to go to where, until then.

Distance from Hanoi to Yangon is quite short, only takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, bay on the Mainland. Low range, if the Sun can clearly see everything underneath. Yangon welcomes us in the rain … exactly as predicted. September is the rainy season in Myanmar. Rain can all day, overcast, humid air of low easy to make people suffer from flu. This weather these than in Hanoi, the persistent rain which made us think of the prospect of overcast is unable to play.

We completed the entry procedures are fairly fast, not annoying. Followed by the currency exchange.For 100 USD at the airport are 96900 kyat (changed on 31.8). In the city, there are few places with more attractive rates but included many very “dumb” condition: new, not hard to USD wrinkles, also if there is a fine line wrinkles were falling in value. The USD face value lower then the value, the lower back. Sheets of 1USD unpopular here.

The Yangon City, almost no ball, a motorcycle and automobile cars only. Taxi in Yangon is a memorable experience. Taxi no clock, wearing comfort, on average of about 10000/km. the price from the airport to the city centre of about 7000 kyat (about 150,000 dollars). Prices go back to around 1500-2000 range from falling into kyat (30000-40000). Notably, Yangon is planning type, very few crannies like in Vietnam.

The streets in Yangon, many width lanes, but go one way. You can show you need to point your doctor, taxi driver nodded, the agreement is complete, run the car far from shaking the new arrival, see suspended his money spent really deserve. But then, I discovered new destinations not far from our place in line, just because the Yangon a taxi to go round should enter in the correct type “near the far lane”.

Yangon also little attractions, the most famous Golden Shwedagon Pagoda is. We came here at the time that the Myanmar called the month of the Buddhist temple, the very East. All must leave shoes right from the gate go on. Can go stairs, escalator or elevator to the main tower area faster.

With foreign visitors, the next morning visiting the temple must purchase tickets on ports 8000 kyat per ticket. The clothes are wearing knee pants, too huh that knee walking you have to buy more pants longi wrap on. And one more point is that foreigners are taking around the temple, not on the inside of the main tower. This made me curious and somewhat to the dismay.

After the long, heavy rain last night, the morning in Yangon optical cloud, it has sunshine and quite sultry. Anyway the Sun “” rain is not too good. Go tired legs, we find the restaurant to enjoy of Myanmar. The café was called Burma, situated on the road around the hotel Feel there are a lot of Embassy of the country. A glider, we feel quite pleased with the dishes are from Asia, Europe to the traditional cuisine of Myanmar. Of course we also choose these Myanmar try, but unorthodox because it’s spicy and salty. Must move through these dishes seem more like in Vietnam to “eating for good”. Finally a meal no drunk, with more than 20000 belied kyat for 4 people.

Hotels in Yangon result as many people’s comments: nice and not expensive. The hotel provides comfortable rooms, a little bit then the price from 20-30 USD per night. Rest if bad, dirty, then about 15 USD/night. Our hotel in utilising solar energy to heat hot water. However, more rain makes only warm. That warm water offer not enough for the hotel so many times we are grieving the cold water bath …