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Tonkin creeper – How to plant it

Tonkin creeper is a type of vine widely cultivated in rural Vietnam. However, if you apply the right way for plainting, Tonkin creeper is also can grow plants right here in the House in the heart of the city. Let’s find out just how to grow it to soon have a beautiful medium sized Tonkin creeper truss can tilevers both houses can be used to cook the delicious food every day.

Tonkin creeper is climbing plants, flowers in the axils of the leaves, the flowers bloom from May to October. This is the preferred humidity, not be correct, if the dry tree will grow barren


Growers can use the remaining bread line segments (not too old nor too young) has a diameter of 7-10 mm made of hom. After that, the need to cut each hom about 1 m, the ash into the two top cuts against plastic flow, dehydration and antiseptic and eventually circled the lower portion need to back 2 the eye above and cultivated.

In addition, the farmers also breed by selecting the line grows near eel, buried sections of the original ground survey, about 15-20 days after the roots will grow much, just cut the separated mother plant is grown can provide. Note: when planting, people should always dig all the soil around the roots, to avoid damage when planted will ensure a higher survival rate.

Prepare the soil for planting and rig

Soil preparation: you should choose the soil mix sand, drainage, irrigation easy location. around the tree and no high mountains obscured. The land should be ploughed up garden beds, Harrow height of 40-50 cm wide, 1, 2 m, 80 cm wide flower beds between the two grooves.

The planting hole should be dug into the middle of the flower beds, between the flower beds arranged planting, tree distance x 3-4 m. The planting hole should be dug about 40 cm deep, wide and long, 0.5-1 m. After that, the plant need to pour feces Christopher stables (as much as) preoccupied with fungicide (Zined or CopperzineZ, …) and a little soil just right, for that mixture down the hole (higher crater 1-2 cm) to 1 week later and proceeded to plant.

The rig was made after land preparation is complete. Growers can do the entire planting area covers truss with a height of 1.6-1.7 m. If there are conditions of capital, she can use the pile is poured concrete, inside there are 3-4 in iron deposit 6. The pile should be buried in rows as tracks between the two flower beds, the distance between the piles 4-5 m, then people can use zinc mixed tension wire horizontal, vertical to rig for vines, the type of rig is quite strong and can be used in a long time.

In addition, farmers can take advantage of the materials available locally, such as: truss made of wood, bamboo, flow, … This truss type using more piles, pile spacing 2-2.5 m, the pile grows as possible (minimum with bamboo stem) then also use zinc mixed tension wire horizontal, vertical, can also use wood, bamboo, horizontal connections along the North flow rig for vines. The outer piles row need to be anchored, against fixed, solid.

Planting flowers to natural justice and caring:

Planting: for the tree is multiplied by the original survey sections sink into the ground to create roots, growers need to conduct separate seeds from the mother plant, dig always both land and planted roots in the planting hole. For seedlings multiplied by the hom, her children should put the part circle of cuttings down land, put 1-2 located above the eyes to the ground and compaction. After planting, the trees need to be watered enough moisture and barrier protection.

Health care: people need to choose the best buds do the wiring for climbing up the rope, poor development rigs should be cut off. The tree must be guaranteed sufficient humidity, when the flood need to target the water right. When the tree is 2 m high climbing, growers need to conduct the fertilizer end in soft diluted 1/20 (1 liter of water mixed with 20 liter nước1) watered the original way 60 cm. When the tree is situated on 30-50 cm, her children new to the tree branch development, actively guide the enclosed truss, avoiding to merge branch the branch wrapped in each other.

When the celestial tree for flowers, farmers need fertilizing complement to the tree. Rhee’s roots are shallow rooted types so when fertilizing don’t need digging disturbance, just widely distributed and then covered with a layer of humus and dried leaves. On average each month, the trees need to be supplemented compost once, about 5-10 kg animal manure + 150 g-100 Christopher NPK (16-16-8) for an original.

Growers can harvest the flowers Rhee when flower buds in bloom near the beam (about 1 day before bloom), should collect the flowers in the early morning, 4 days to harvest. After the harvest is completed, if not yet shipped right away, she should lay flowers out, kept in the dark to limit flowers bloom.

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Apricot blossom and the manual guide for planting

Apricot blossom is wearing shades, spring brings traditional new year atmosphere of the people of Vietnam in General and the southern General. Apricot blossom compatible with a hot climate so much cultivated in the southern and southern-central, Western. So the time would we need random bits for Leopard to the tree bloom celebration right?

Apricot blossom has many types such as apricot gold, Apricot and white, Sichuan province, tomorrow. … But most is still the Golden apricot, because easy to grow, easy to care, the flowers back to hundred and beautiful.

If you wanted for blossom to bloom right on New year lunal, You must required to do is random bits of leaves, rather than plucking leaves tomorrow, as you have heard, as if plucking the leaves will not always the flower sprouts Maw are located in leaf axils. Put on it so that leaves at the right time, it can be considered an important work leading to apricot tree can focus development nutrition to popping buds.

Depending on the time of the weather that we random bits of leaf pattern stars for good development. 5 Golden apricot wing type normal people often lẩy leaves Mai on full moon in December. If the December of that year the hot sun or wind down sharply, the Mai will bloom earlier, so to leaves it later than may from 16-20 December. Conversely if the year would end late wet season rains, forecast December more or less cold wind obstacle course, the mai will detonate delay, so are leaves lẩy Mai on full moon day in advance about 10-14 December.


As for the leap year: The apricot trees are planted in the place of good land, good development usually bloom late than the apricot trees planted at the Badlands stunted, thus also leaves earlier than lẩy.

Mai has more than five wings: the Mai has many wings (about 12 wings up) also usually bloom late than like a gold wing 5 days tomorrow, so also must the Mai leaves earlier than lẩy.

Note: When random bits leaves Makana is not holding such as leaf plucking will do crack, with the flower sprouts. Should a small twig handles, hold the left hand make each Tomorrow leaves overturned or hold the leaves pull upwards, leaf will break. Must be triggered off all of the leaves on the trees. After the splendid leaf, stop watering for a few days, then resumed back to normal watering.

The steps of planting and care pattern:
Choosing soils for mai
-Land on the garden, Philippines: apricot tree grow well on the land the mild meat has more organic matter, soil is not acidic, salty not infected or toxic chemicals.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
The application of proper tree planting techniques will bring the beautiful apricot flowers

-Soils in pots: tomorrow need to choose the type of land with properties such as top, mix according to the rate of about 70-80% of the ground and 20-30% organic by weight category Christopher soil in pots.

Fertilizing technique
Mai grown on the grounds, Philippines:
-Trimmed stems: growers should delay apricot tree pruning for up to 20 lunar calendar. Depending on the shape of the tree, the United players should have the appropriate pruning but usually the apricot trees trimmed according to the shape of a pine (on short-to-long cone crops below), normally the branches be pruning away part three.

-Fertilizer: when to plant lining the barn (cattle, rice husk ash, coconut …) has taken over brewing for about 5-10 kg/root, powdered lime around 200-300 g + 100 g 50-root/Unicorn head of Buffalo. The entire amount of this stool is mix well in the pits (or grooves) before planting.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Fertilizer and soil selection lined is important step in planting techniques

-The feed end: after growing about 10-15 days, the trees started out new roots, use manure NPK 20-20-20 + TE NPK fertilizer, watering to dilute the Republic use from 50-100 gr/10-15 litres of water, about 20-30 days watering once. When mai was great, the amount of fertilizer is also gradually increasing distance and the fertilizing times further. Fertilizer through appropriate land for tomorrow is NPK 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE. The amount of fertilizer to about 20-50 gr/root/times, about 1-2 months of fertilizer.

When mai gave United a stable annual need additional fertilizer: manure from 5-10 kg/root. NPK fertilizers using 20-20-10 + TE or NPK 16-12-8-10 + TE fertilizer each year about 3-4 times with the amount of fertilizer as above on the: after the remnants of the flower (after TET), pruning; the beginning of the rainy season; the middle of the rainy season and before mai bloom about 1-1.5 months. Need fertilizing according to niches, according to deep groove between 5-7 cm according to the remnants of the leaves of plants, fertilizer on the root development of immature, then fill in the soil, keep the humidity in the dry season, the descent into the rainy season.

Mai planted in pots
-Mai are brought out as soon as possible, to put the tree where shade for the leaves do not fire when exposed to direct sunlight. Growers should cut off all the flowers to plant nutrient loss not raising a Cup to create the seeds, leaving some leaves.

Care and cultivation technique of apricot flowers for the new year
Trimmed flowers and leaves is a basic tree planting techniques for a variety of flowers, plants

-Fertilizing: dose can vary from 20-1 for pots/constipation ・a half. With large pots, the apricot tree can feed about 50-80gr/pots. Create grooves around the pots, about 3-5 cm, spread manure on land and grooves, all watered enough moisture. Avoid breaking the roots, plant infection through wounds.If there are conditions, every year at the beginning of the rainy season should change the soil in pots by new porous soil or organic fertilizer supplements has Christopher items, amount of fertilizer from 2-3 kg/pots.

-Use fertilizer leaves: in addition to the use of fertilizers through the soil, fertilizers and have an important role in promoting growth and development, adding the lack of nutrients in the soil, stimulating out roots, the leaves, the flowers according to the will of the people

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How to plant the Gerbera

Gerbera is many people’s favorite flowers especially on the occasion of the new year. By them to bring good luck and happiness for the landlord. So ask yourself for planting pots for money to prepare for Tet.

Gerbera  is native to South Africa. In Vietnam the Gerbera like the single currency entered about planting from the 1940s. Characteristics of single-flower varieties is growing, adapts well to natural conditions. The Gerbera is planted by two small flower-shaped tongue and tubular form, is the flowering type single self image early. In the process of blooming flowers, flower bloom blade-shaped tubular flowers bloom earlier, later, flowers bloom in sequence from the outside in each round.
How to grow the Gerbera:

Land your favorite currencies: Gerbera , porous soil ventilation levels elevated, easy draining, humus much. Soils for pots of coins including coir peat soils under sand + ratio 3:3: 1.
Seeders: cultivated in the spring or early summer. The seeding pots small trees, put in the window to seeds pots will grow brighter. After tree sprout, a few days back and rotate the opposite side to the outside light so that the tree is straight growth stimulus.

Flower care techniques for Gerbera :

Move the pots: When the flowers were growing higher currencies are about 10 to 15 cm, we hit the tree out to the garden or pots. In the new pot plants have hit about cm soil should I pour on the currency lower mouth pots 1 to 2 cm to avoid pests.
Watering: watering pots for coins in the morning, avoid watering late in the afternoon the tree susceptible to disease. Use aerosol moisture to irrigate the land, paying attention not to make splash ground up leaves. However, Gerbera not subject to limits but also reluctant moisturizes too, so depending on the conditions can 2-3 days watering once.
Fertilizing: Fertilizer fertilizers such as potassium, phosphorus, protein.
Note: flower coin does not bear much rain, salt fog and high light intensity. Therefore, planted the money need to do home cover to avoid rain, Frost and direct radiation light restrictions.

To have a nice new year play money flower pots you should make them now in order to flower out right time new year bring luck and prosperity tomorrow for your family.

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How to plant Muscari from its seed

Muscari flowers as a symbol of spring, flowers began to grow in January, and then bloom and for the most beautiful flowers in late April, the flowers lasting for several weeks, the United States became larger and more beautiful every year. It is endemic to humid climate in your favorite flowers, sunshine or light shade.

Grape hyacinth is also known as Muscari is a genus of perennial they thrive in Eurasia, the States originating from the Mediterranean, Central and southern Europe, North Africa, the Western, Central and Southwestern Asia, the United States is also known as the lily flower, Sedum. Green Bell Flower (also known as Grape hyacinth flowers) is also a beautiful symbol of spring. This flower is folded on Top of the world’s most beautiful flowers.

Your favorite green Bell flowers moist climates, shade and stability. The United States began to grow in January, and then bloom and for the most beautiful flowers on the last week of April. Bloom period will last from 1-2 weeks.

You can control are the flowering time of Muscaria. To do this, it should have a little tip. First of all, you have to convince them that spring has come after a long hibernation, cold. First, you must put them in a dark and cool place to simulate the winter season. Where simple and ideal for cooler compartment is on the bottom of the fridge for 8 weeks. Then the new “release” them out of light and warm environment.

Planting flower bulbs from the same Muscari


Glass jar tall designs, larger diameter bulbs a bit.
Sugar beet seed
1 cup small gravel
Organic soils
MOSS Green
small spoon
1 plastic bag in black

Step 1: use a small spoon to add 4-5 cm of gravel down on the bottom of each tube to the drain.
Step 2: Add 1 spoon full of organic soils and then coated with moss green above.
Step 3: moisten the Moss with 2-3 spoons of water. The amount of water more or less depending on the size of the vase. Water use is to provide moisture to the soil and Moss, the moisture will stimulate the roots grow down below to get water.
Step 4: place the tubers of varieties on each glass pipe, to turn down the part and sprouts up.
Step 5: airtight plastic bag black by all and for the cool pane on the bottom of the refrigerator. Note do not open during the 8 weeks.
Step 6: after 8 weeks, taking the entire sugar beet seed out. At this time, you will see the small green buds start rises from the top of the tuber varieties.
Step 7: provide 1-2 spoons of clean water for each tuber about 2-3 days, mainly to keep the moisture for the soil and MOSS that still does not make them were attenuated in water.
About 1 week after exposure to light and warm environment, flower buds can height 15 cm. Flower buds from the spleen up between these instruments. After about 3 weeks to complete development tree.

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How to plant the Rhododendron

Rhododendron, also known as Camellia flower or pink Camellia is one of the types of flowers are my favorite in many parts of the world by the tender beauty of it. Planting flowers not difficult, just flowers growers a little attention to the techniques of planting and care, these potted flowers will bloom not just beautiful in the new year but also after the new year.

Select the same planting flowers

On the market today used extensively just like flowers. This is just like a small tree rhododendron, false flowers, flowers to tree diversity, also for both colors. The planting method may be sowing, grafting or extraction. Cuttings and extracts method possible for faster production method of sowing seeds.

Planting soil

Planting flowers in Belgium is the land planted in soil if the sour alkalinity can kill the tree. Planting flowers must make sure enough of the following factors: Soil porous drainage, ventilation, wind, lots of humus, enough fertilizer. The pH ranges from 4-5 is the best fit. To the best Earth coordinates for rhododendrons, you should mix the soil with humus of leaves they pine, conifer category.


Choosing potted plants with balanced, much water will land big pots. The pots have holes in the bottom to, mouth wide to evaporate and drain fast. Based on the form of the body and spreads to decide planting pots. Rhododendron species grow shallow so should choose shallow pots is better than high pots. When grown in pots, use the pots have holes in the bottom, use a mesh lining the bottom of the pot then used those bricks and gravel-lined up on thick, about 2-3 cm.

Pour on the 1/2-2/3 pots, attention to the roots of freedom and then put more land into your hand and lightly compressed. Repot when see the roots of fruit trees out to the perineum, then repot, combine is replace the land was prepared as the planting soil.


Rhododendrons have very strong roots, so it is very afraid and not be attenuated. If the limit or correct too are made of trees grow, grow less, gold leaf, pendulous flowers. Therefore, based on weather conditions to have irrigation mode accordingly. Best watering time is in the morning or early afternoon. In the period of growth, trees, flower buds out need more watering. In the days of the dry fountain much needed Arun around the leaves, flowers, pods and ground to increase the humidity.

Irrigation guidelines, after planting and caring for trees up buds, new dolls not pots dry soils are not irrigated, watering just enough moisture. Every 10-15 days watering once again vinegar 10% dilution, if not then use rice water to wash the sour bean juice, diluted that irrigated. 5-10 days watering once diluted Hippo prize. Combine once a month diluted iron sulphate irrigation 0.5-1%, the tree will not get sick of gold leaf. No iron sulfate use rusty iron soaked diluted watered also.

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How to plant the Lilies flowers

Lilies flowers is aquatic planting tree and it’s beautiful. With gentle, pure fragrances lilies became the focal point in the ponds into the blooms. On every occasion of summer you can catch on the ponds so much smaller flowers blooming colourful spills on water. That is, a type of water lily flower is very beautiful aquatic plantings that we can’t see.

Lilies are derived from ancient Indian and be replicated out to tropical countries such as Thailand, China and Vietnam…which all of them could available. Noble beauty of water lilies have been going on in many poetry and is grown in outdoor ponds of ancient kings. Unlike the Lotus image rise high, water lily grows is spread on the surface of the water. When the Lotus in the Lake gradually broken, is at the most beautiful flowers bloom gun cotton.

Lilies are grown in our country are usually divided into two categories. A kind foil for continuous flowers year round and thick leaves generally for flowers in the summer. The color of the flower also has quite a lot of colors for you to choose from. From the white-blooming only in daylight gun, guns pink, purple and green usually hatch at night looks very beautiful.

White guns bring pure beauty when blooming, the flowers to and has many wings.

While that seems pretty purple gun fancy looking like green fire spots.

In addition to native plants now have pretty much kind of lilies imported mainly from Thailand for the flowers to pretty and Nice, fragrant and long lasting. If you are lovers of the beauty of the flowers, the guns don’t wait any longer without the small lake before his home into outdoor flowers colorful guns or simply create a small gun flower pots adorn the garden more beautiful this summer.

The indispensable items when planting lilies:

A lake is clean if you want growing in the Lake.
Plastic or metal pots have drainage holes diameter 40 cm depth 20 cm.
Sugar beet seed or seed has been processed, clean the roots and the soil.
Clean gravel and small stones soil to root like fixed.
You can plant lilies is by seed or propagated by root or by separate trees. If you are new to embark on flowers planted pink guns, then gun for ease of care and not the technical requirements are too high.

The best time to plant lilies is from spring to autumn. Relatively cold winters so the survival rate will not cao should when East to is at the gun butts and rest. Gun which only grows and flowers when the Sun is warm. The plant will bloom in the morning, in the evening, then closed and after 4-5 days.
The steps of planting lilies from seed

Tiny gun nuts, such as sesame seeds, are preserved in the water environment. The mother bought about not yet planted immediately should to into plastic bags containing water, and 1 for the cool pane into the refrigerator.

Step 1: Soak seeds
* Take the seeds out from the bag (be very careful because the grain of the gun is quite small). For the seed to cup of clean water (temperature between 26-30oC). Soak the seeds in until the seeds out of the roots.
* Warning water change from 1-2 times/day

Step 2: move
* When did you root out gun nuts move to cultivate in the mud.
* Prepare 2 pots: 1 small pot pour the mud or dirt inside & pot to contain water. Put small pots to pots inside. Planting the seeds out into the mud gun in small pots. When the tree is young leaves, can spread more gravel onto the pots to decorate.

Step 3: take care
* After about 1-2 weeks, the mother of fertilizer NPK fertilizers seeds add (buy in the store plants or the flea market).
* The gun will flower after about 4-5 months of planting. Gun flower continuously, year-round, including winter months.
* You can set external gun pods, balcony, Garden decorations are very nice.

The steps taken by a gun-like tuberous plants.

Step 1: prepare the tuberous varieties.

The planting of a gun by tubers like ensure the survival rate is quite high. CU just like you buy about wash clean the dirt and using scissors cut trimmed less the old leaves and the roots are too long.

The withered leaves and less pruning the roots will help the plant become more simple.
Step 2: prepare planting pots.

Planting pots you have prepared about 40 cm in size and depth 20 cm. Pots planted with too little, the flowers and leaves later than the baby. Pots may have holes or no holes are. If the pelvic hole lick then no need to thin fabric liner if your pots have holes ladies should lined inside with a layer of thin fabric to keep the land.

Planting the gun could be the heavy soil or mud soil planting. Before planting should clean soil, remove gravel and coal just to clean land. Contact ground on 2/3 pots and soil pressure on the perineum. In addition to increase the level of nutrition for the soil you can also mix more with moderate fertilizer soil helps root the same lick sharp roots developed in the first phase.
Step 3: growing tubers of varieties in pots.

Place the tubers of varieties into neatly between the pots on Government land around again so that part leaves create a tilt angle facing up. As if afraid of strange trees land you can wrap the outside bulbs like a layer of silt then planted then there will be greater efficiency.

Next you cover up the pelvic surface of a layer of gravel or small stones. This gravel grade both for decorating the pots growing medium can help to keep the soil below not be drifting when pouring water into.

After you’ve finished pouring gravel to potting soil water infuse the water gradually.
Step 4: Planting and care of trees.

If you planted in pots, then after pouring into the mouth wetland planting pots. The water level is approximately 10 cm pots are way. If you plan to plant them out small lake, after planting you put this down to the Lake and pots full of water pump in the tank. The water level is also a tree about 10 cm to the development tree.
You put the gun down planting medium pots then water pump on.

The ideal depth for planting the gun is about 40 cm, height approx 10 cm stalk to the surface of the water. If planting the tree too deep will be quite hard to grow so much that leaves only less flowers or can be killed.

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How to grow the Spread Jelly rocky at home

Spread jelly rocky or fossil flowers are a type of tree are popular well known recently by everyone because of their beauty, flowers, jelly spread this life-like ice stones when not in bloom look incredibly beautiful eyes.

Spread jelly live rock

Fossil trees spread at first glance like the stones, at least one suspected that they can produce beautiful flowers. Spread jelly cácmàu lithops flower white, yellow … each time such outburst from the extremely fancy stones.

Spread jelly leaves no regular green that we have many different colors such as cream, grey, Brown.That kind of score the points or the brain like Van pebbles rough drafts.

Spread jelly growing techniques:

Growing conditions:

Fossil flower seeding temperature spread stone lives on about 20-25 degrees C.
Growth temperature spread jelly live stone flower 18-35 degrees C.
Spread jelly living stones appropriate for the spring, summer, autumn

Buy flower seeds, you soak the warm water from 2 to 4 hours later for on the pots for the soil and rocks around, you should be planted in soil tribat soil is best, just enough moisture daily watering because this is a kind of preferred climate, ice flowers nghiêt.

Spread jelly live rock including one or more pairs of bulbous shape, almost opposite merges with another and almost no original. The slot between the leaves of the tree that contains the meristem produces flowers and new leaves. The leaves are thick to store enough water for the tree survive for months without rain.

During the winter, a new leaf pair, or sometimes more than one, developing the best foliage folder inside there. In the spring, the old leaf pair will wither and warped away to reveal a new leaf pair. the leaves spread jelly rock live can shrink and disappear under the ground. Yellow or white flowers emerge from the fissure between the leaves after the new leaf pair has fully matured.

Seeds are easy to germinate, when small seedlings, vulnerable in the first year or second year, and will not bloom until at least two or three years.

Proper tree planting in the spring, summer and need exposure to sunlight, plant cool place, have high humidity, intense sunlight can make the dead trees dry. Can plant by Living Stones or cutting branches.

Fossil trees spread appropriate living stone is a type of tree to decorate the Office desktop, a window or a balcony. If you take his planters to take care of living space are beautiful and more glamorous.