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The Malay’s Journey – Part 1: Mekala “the sleepy city”

Sometimes in life, we have the process repeated, that don’t understand why I have to go back on the old way.

When I packed my luggage for leaving Vietnam, I don’t know if I’ll go the answer one way ticket to Singapore, nowhere for backpackers. Maybe because it’s the country I first put his foot steps out in the world, is the country that I’ve ever dreamed of touching from the students, and then go right when the area of copy enough 100 USD to buy a round-trip ticket.

I started the journey from Singapore, but doesn’t wallow in glorious places in the city centre, which is very far away, out near the border with Malaysia, where the sanctuary is to walk the path of pristine forest with leaving feet because walking more than 40 km. Companion none other is wild monkeys.

Of all the things happening in Singapore has made me think, maybe I will go by road to Malaysia, in their biggest lunar new year day. I used reservations before Friday named Islamic religion, so why not once return to the country that has ever gone a lot, and consider it as a transit point of boring?Fireworks lit up the night up in the Indian zone is last night I reserved for multiethnic Singapore.

A friend of Indian descent was very tight and I fist proposed are hugged me on the day I set foot into the modern land Baru where border of Singapore and Malaysia.

Take long car trip I left Laskin bus, more than anyone, I look forward to putting away real fast, from the modern-Baru, from the boos, touted the new hand of the strange man.

“The Sleepy City”


I came to Melaka on a late afternoon, small city after the rain looked poor to Vancouver stay tuned.All that cheese, the xập music in Melaka swamp of the car passenger set blue flower-filled can not hide sadness was apparently of a municipality are being deserted River chemistry.

I still remember reading a certain book says about the Strait of Melaka, just the name only well enough to do awesome cloud of trade ships each visit by pirate. The thriving urban performance, crowded chaos suddenly become a peaceful, romantic weekend tourists. Someone praising Melaka is the Venice of the East. I looked down the River, seemingly the point chisel are buckling themselves up for the ships carrying tourists to surf on, suddenly found sad. Or because the place was for the sad like always to Venice?

Time has tinted on the monuments in Melaka, Malaysia’s oldest city. Time also brought to cover the transformation of ups and downs for the piece of land attached to the mausoleum, tattoos. On the banks of the River, the city is divided into two East-West Coast, that when going through it, you are not observant will never know where is the mark of the Netherlands, of Portugal, by the British.

War and looting incidents makes people gradually left the capital. The Indian descent living in a secluded neighborhood across the River on the other, while the Chinese cling to the old city back to living, serving tourists. St. Pauls, A’Famosa left piles of ruins, the ruins. Maybe the Red Church is the most intact structures, the largest in Melaka that anyone visiting the legs must also keep a photo.

Not just the city of Melaka I call sleep. To stay here, to go all the way along the alley in the old town new horizontal understand why I call this place like that. By this very near the capital Kuala Lumpur, tourists of the day usually comes from 2 pm and leave at 5 pm rush to catch the last bus.

The famous restaurant selling chicken rice tea, sendo … well not until 2 pm started cleaning up stores, opening the door. Those who stay longer is usually a population of backpackers, the couple loved the quiet, they sit in apathy over cups of coffee, waiting for night.

I thought that this place was very busy back, when recognized as world cultural heritage in 2008 but then it becomes tedious as now when the traders left because no business interest. A municipality may not rich if it slept like Melaka? A municipality can have fun not if laughter said only busy half when afternoon came and all in silence, as the River are silently out to sea? Melaka only fun when last week, and then every second to, afraid to sleep status back as old. The kiosk closed deep the deserted house Moss, who shoes left outside. There are too many things left in this place, though in the past was very far away.

Vietnam workers to Malaysia was very much, in many forms. They do rent out these workshops, cafes, bakery … all over the country to Islam. I easily with a few fellow in his journey. The life of people hard, they squeeze their labour power to earn money to send back home to feed his family.

One of them told me: “we go overseas, then we fucking, and then the gauge, live, go where fear also hit my chui arrested”. When I enter Malaysia, customs is not easy for a young girl traveling alone like me. After 15 minutes of distorted upside-down, see all the papers related to the trip that I present, they give me the new entry.

Theft victims always raging Melaka, holiday home in front of me in the picture, the thief was warning stickers for travelers know. On the old walls also have similar pictures. Whether people have painted, adorn this brilliant how much capital, then the stain patchy also never hid.
The journey along the Straits of Melaka-States 1: City ‘ sleep ‘-Photo 7 in Melaka, doves outnumber people

The colors in the picture that I record something u sad, like the people trying to make fun music xập swamp in Melaka from passenger cars across the city. And between the buried quietly, somewhere in the hundreds of pigeons flock to stand thẫn Church, in the peace of Melaka.

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“We, The Forlorn” (Myridian) – Ingenious reproduction the standards of Melodic Metal

“Breaking the palm”, “Okera” and now is “Mydirian”. Three band with a lot of similarities. Along came from Melbourn, Australia, same started as independent bands, no label, along with the surprise album do it yourself get all full of excellence. And now together they turn Australia into promising melodic death. One of the most important similarities. That is they carry in themselves the influence of the Scandinavian lands. Breaking of palm leaves are disciples of the Gothenburg sound, Okera is Opeth’s copy. Also Myridian? They are the result of a night of warm salty fellatio between Insomnium, and Swallow The Sun.

“We, The Forlorn” is the album which built according to a formula. Most of the tracks were started by piano or acoustic intro. Melodic death in overwhelming powerful. The rhythm changed abruptly in the middle of the track with acoustic folk ensemble spread and BOOM back to last.

My first impression score is piano. Not only plays the role of intro open cold air, u up for each track that of the height of segment We, The Forlorn, the same keyboard piano still stand up, sometimes portrayed riding up the intense rhythms of the drums and the guitar. Single piano notes, lonely but dramatic piano created more depth for their album, mysterious atmosphere, epic dark gothic strokes a little echo phảng dark.

The second point that is the acoustic guitar. As if anyone Break the leaves of Palm and then make Okera are acknowledging your Pocket suffer quite heavy influence of Opeth in acoustic gameplay. The sound is clear, frigid liquid, which as not playing. Cold, sharp guitar OWL but phảng echo the haunting, ambiguous.

As said above, Insomnium is one of the names most recent influence growing up Myridian. The silver blue, medium sized cold loneliness. Flexible guitar, emotion-rich repeats from slowly, turn the speed up and then broke out in the morning with a full chorus melody falls off as the same flood movement vocalist screamed with all the anger, hurt. Vocalist of Myridian rotation rhythms of art between harsh growls and clean vocals,. In Silent Death comes with the speed of fatigue, depression of harsh voice doom metal vocals screamed with pain-filled screams desperation near the end. Whereas with A Lone Rose along with the speed and music similar to growl vocals create a feeling like a demon rage drunk sleep.

We, The Forlorn not only the dark and the cold of winter the North. There is also the Sun pierces the mountains shine in crystal-clear skies of winter. The track as a acoustic I, Beret or Snowscape paintings painting music with the sound of gentle stretching, hypnosis man as the endless snow fields. Clean vocal fragility, only I could craft such as the lonely human footsteps walked between the majestic nature.

Two epic Desolace and Mourning Tide is the height of the second album, what the essence of Myridian. Snippet of the chorus regularly, wide-eyed as the waves following class override the previous layer, tone out rhythmic movement. Acoustic thỏng sharp drop release ever pitches do the bridge between the climax of more intense than before.

Myridian not create something new. They simply copy the standard way and ingenious material available of the Melodic Doom/Death of Northern Europe. But with all that they do deserve to be folded into the ranks of the special talent of melodic death

Full Album Information

Band: Myridian
Genre: Melodic Doom/Death
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia
Album: We, The Forlorn
Year: 2015
Nation: Australia

01. We, The Forlorn (10:23)
02. Silent Death (06:56)
03. These Weary Bones (feat. Nick Magur) (07:24)
04. A Lone Rose (10:07)
05. I, The Bereft (03:10)
06. Snowscape (08:27)
07. Desolace (09:38)
08. Mourning Tide (12:11)

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“Light in August” (William Faulkner) – The work of human salvation

In the glare of August, dust and the tired, sweat and the legs for a pregnant body, Lena goes by the call of the heart, go in search of the father of the boy, who has promised to return with her after finding a stable job. A young woman, she’s beautiful, calm and gentle, She was accepting destiny but also it’s the challenge of rationing, She’s walking to an indeterminate place, find someone that multiply an only one name that he has used in her side.

The work begins as such, the first word has brought an intense magic, since I now Dostoievski reading caught was a charming voice and sad to so. The u of a generation of people, are Faulkner going into the past, go deep into historical context, religion, into body parts, fate related to ethnicity, gender. No page, but page book filled the August friendly and loving. Humans have no evil, only the society is cruel, that no society actually evil, that the humanity of humans sometimes behave brought a wicked mind unconsciously.

The past was the creation of each individual. with a voice reminiscent of, and great storytelling ability, each character appears to the crisp to the nao, the astute in his way to the little details of the character do we sense that characters are right in front of me, for we observed, for mercy we trade , for I expected and hoped for.

Hope, although life for the worse that would also have hope. A character dies, the face full of blessing. A crime is to comprehend the esoteric encyclopedia do exist that forgive. Destiny has just separated, recently joined together in light, so we flipped on the past, to understand the soul of each person.

Extremely impressed by the work I can see the salvation of the human soul, and the tenuous hope as the rays, as it’s enough to a destiny to see the light of his life his life immersed in the hidden memory of clan, was born. That was a really great works are born, nostalgic thai in love and unspeakable human understanding of the writer, the capture and go to the bottom of the human soul, to “every I is one of us,” every generation of readers, in every cultural mièn can empathy and love.

If I struggled to read “the sound and the Fury” in the confusion and embarrassment because of strange storytelling and elusive as the stream of flashbacks and endless turmoil, “Sunshine,” a much more readable. And if I finished reading “the sound and the Fury” but I can’t comprehend why he is so great, then after reading the August Sunshine, this works just fine, I’ve totally agree about his position in American literature and world literature in General.

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“Creed” (2015) Movie – A truly man in the glory

In the American movies which were launched on the occasion last year to the Academy Awards to the Creed is a name worth watching for. Though Director Ryan Coogler didn’t like Quentin Tarantino, or Inarritu. But he scored his mark first impression of Fruitvale Station in 2013.

Creed is the story of the legacy movie chain about boxing legend Rocky Balboa, the fictional first debuts in 1976 in the film Rocky. After four decades of upper calyx, with quite a lot of episodes in a row together, Rocky has, on the other side of the peak of his career, he opened the restaurant, live alone, from the lights flash and the glory was buried about the past.

A look back at the journey of many of the episodes have had on Rocky Balboa, especially in the first episode, boxing is described not only in the aspect of high fixed bout, but also behind it was bitter and hard, daily life, the attempt to pass yourself in at the most collapse. Therefore, that boxing’s series about Rocky strange jewels, in which the computer man was pushed up in the highest levels of anger and tenderness, the emotion on the floor fight for the opponent and the sincere love for the wife, mistress. Try looking at the Rocky of 1976, a delirious man, being ironic laugh loud, I don’t know anything outside of boxing, until one day you know love, a love affair extremely beautiful, I always believe that is one of the most beautiful love of cinema.

Creed inherited a legacy as such, legacy from the “wild horse Italian” guy. In the Creed we just saw the front way to fit the modern world, as a very old man of a generation ago, an interesting transition, balance between young and old generations, between past glory and present glory. In the Creed is not the strong breeze by the win, but the struggle of one individual to want to escape the shadow of her father in the past, to building his career of Adonis’s Creed, a son of the legendary Boxer Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa, with many times the castle terrace. As sandhya charm-filled opponents with his debt, Rocky got training for Creed, who has always been obsessed about the glory of the father, and the inferiority of his own success.

And there, as well as the struggle of the Rocky are carried in her illness to win the fate, as well as to fire for the young generation to understand more about the value of life, the fighting, and the spirit to overcome the limits of his own to win.

I highly encourage you should see Rocky 1976 directed by John g. Avildsen, to see a movie about boxing can be beautiful and tender.

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“Creed” (2015) – The successor of the legendary boxer

Creed is the story of a legacy of the series of boxer Rocky Balboa fictional legend, who first debuted in 1976 in the film Rocky. After 4 decades Upper Castle, with pretty much all the movies consecutively, Rocky was old, the other side of the peak of his career, he opened the restaurant, their first live, away from the lights flash and glory around was buried on the distant past.

Looking back a lot of episodes of Rocky Balboa has had, especially first episode, boxing is described not only in terms of the battle over the high glove, but behind that is bitter and the everyday, difficult, effort surpass themselves at the worst time. Therefore, the boxing, which is typical of the Rocky film series strangely seductive, in which masculinity is pushed to the highest level of anger and tenderness, insensitivity on the ring for opponents and sincere love for his wife, lover. Try looking at the Rocky of 1976, a naive man, being sarcastic laugh, he did not know anything outside of boxing, until one day he knows love, a beautiful love immensely, I always believed it was a in the most beautiful love of cinema.

Creed inherited such a legacy, the legacy from the “Italian wild horses” guy. In the Creed we saw innovation to suit the modern world, and as a very old man of previous generations, an interesting transition, balance between the young and older generations, between glory around past and present glory. In the Creed is not to show off with the victory, but the struggle of an individual wanted to escape the shadow of the father in the past, in order to build for his career’s Creed Adonis, son of Apollo Creed boxing legend, who has the upper station with Rocky Balboa repeatedly. As gratitude opponents with his outstanding grace, Rocky has received training for Creed, who haunted the father’s aura, and self-deprecating about his own success.

And there, as well as the struggle of Rocky is carrying the disease to win the division, as well as to train the younger generation to better understand the value of life, the fight, and spirit to overcome limits himself to victory.

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Story of a friend of mine

There’s a friend of mine. If I say we’re close, then that’s not. But it’s not right if I said we’re not be close  (Because I have many relationships like that, I don’t know how the call). She told me the real long story about love and s-e-xuality, the family, adultery … of her. Then finally she concluded: “I’m bored too in love, don’t love the best, mild light, people in debt”.
I laughed out loud to her, I recalled less than a year ago, she chose the other. She told me something that kind of support blindly supported my love, I advocate the pursuit of a silhouette that almost never will belong to me. She is still and always will love such dedication. So even though she has said anything then I still believe she loves and back yourself.
Once fall just makes people more cautious until the careless again, and so, we fell that no precautions. The sentiment is that, when in the wide sense, then one way or the other, we love, and love, as only one in the world, only love someone new enough to save me out of the disappointment of this life.
Review for the same why that date her because the articles that look to me, and told me everything, things which people will bury the dreams so it never gets out, because we are the same in the plunge into love as the ephemera, enjoy it and depletion because of it. Love that does not compute, foolish, as if each was a first love.
I heard she is like a wind blowing through the cloud, and then go away, I pushed away a little bit and then go back to back his position. So long after her new look to me to tell, I was always afraid to hear “my family shattered and then” because of her adultery was discovered. I don’t want to judge her life, people have the right to choose how to live for themselves. I just don’t want her suffering, her family. I am especially sensitive to each person’s nest. I always wanted to though one has lost in the maze as the people still have a place to go. Like me, every time I lost for so long, I always have a special person asked me: “did you find the way home?”
I’m just waiting for that, I find I can float themselves, because I always had home to about.
So I always wanted to tell her to “go home, man.”
Short life, we sometimes are not allowed to float her, and to her lost forever, cannot always p.m. wild heart to his love as possible on this life just to have him and his love. The family always there waiting for us, but not forgetting our family, we lost too far and could not on anymore.
I just want to say that, after my friend’s story, never put love up on the family, to when the most suffering, we can go, the only place safe and always ready to defend him. And than, we have the right to his own suffering, but does not have the right to do those who love us are suffering grief because we. That’s the worst thing.